Some days you just forget

Yesterday I wasn’t a very good blogger. I forgot to take photos pretty much! The only thing I did take photos of when looking back at my images was some of the food I ate. This is slightly ironic since I’ve seriously been uninspired when it comes to food lately. Something quite rare since I’m a big foodie and love to cook.

It’s tough sometimes cooking food because you end up in ruts where you just cook the same dishes over and over again because of convenience. At least I do. I haven’t really had time to sit and flip through the pages of recipe books to try out a new recipe either. I need to relight my will to cook tasty but healthy food. Yesterday’s lunch and dinner were so boring and unsatisfying… I had a very boring salad for lunch (and I didn’t bring enough food which didn’t help) then a veggie stirfry for dinner (it wasn’t very successful but it was food). I felt so unsatisfied after my dinner I had banana with peanut butter afterwards and some Almighty Foods raw vegan chocolate. Usually when I cook something I’m content with I won’t crave these things afterwards but that’s what happens when you cook something that doesn’t satisfy you haha.

With this I just wanted to say that we all end up in ruts whether if it’s with training or your diet and it’s nothing weird. It’s just part of life. Just don’t give up. I know I’ll get my cooking back on track soon but I think you need to feel uninspired sometimes to feel inspired again.

In other news, my old university Glasgow Uni regrammed my image I uploaded for Yoga Day the day before yesterday. It was pretty cool they wanted to share the image and over night I’ve had almost 40 new people start to follow me on Instagram. It’s absolutely crazy and I can’t believe that over 800 people are following my journey now. That’s absolutely crazy! So to those of you who have found their way here onto the blog as well, welcome. Thank you so much for taking the time out of your day to read my ramblings on here! I really hope you’ll enjoy it enough to stay. I’m so grateful xxx

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