Forth Valley Throwdown WOD 1

Just arrived in the athletes area at Crossfit Forth Valley

Athlete briefing

Going through the movement standards

Just after WOD 1, the look of relief. I barley remember taking this photo haha. Oh the nerves.

On Saturday morning I woke up before the alarm went. I felt wide awake and the nerves kicked in the moment I opened my eyes and realised what day it was. I had my big bowl of porridge and packed my final bits (will write a post on what I packed to bring with me for the competition, it was a bit out of hand, felt like I was moving in).

Kirsty picked me up just after seven and off to Stirling we went. We could not stop talking about the WODs. We were so nervous and the closer we got the more I was thinking, what on earth am I doing? When we parked up just by the box we looked at each other and said, right let’s just go home haha. Obviously a joke but with the slightest little bit of truth. We got our stuff together and headed in. The athlete briefing was said to start at 8am.

We went in to the Crossfit Firth Valley box, signed in and then headed in to get our competition vests. We must’ve looked like lost little lambs because eventually a guy came up to us and asked if we knew where we were going and showed us the way to the athletes area where we could leave our things and warm up in during the day between the WODs. We sat there for awhile  until the organisers came in to chat us about some general information for the day and then go through the movement standards for the competition. After that was done we went back to the athletes area to get ready for our WOD. We were in the first heat for the scaled division, so first ones out. Something we were very happy about! We just wanted to get out and have it over and done with.

Meanwhile when this was all happening Jamie was on a train up to Stirling for support. I was over the moon he was going to be there. He’s always my calm. Having him there meant the world to me. However, I got a text whilst waiting to start saying he and several others managed to get on the wrong train and ended up having to get off in the middle of nowhere to swap trains. So unfortunately he missed the first WOD, which was a bit of a shame but it was out of his hands.

Waiting to start I wasn’t sure whether I was going to burst into tears or not. The nerves were insane. We eventually were asked to go out on the floor to get ready. We were happy to see that we were sort of in a corner where not everyone could see us haha. Kirsty even managed to hide slightly behind a pillar. It was so funny. We met our judge for the day called Pauline and she was amazing. So lovely, calm and she was extremely supportive the entire day, cheering us on. We tried out the weight on the bar a couple of times before it was time to get started.

From the moment the guy said go I can pretty much not remember what happened. It’s all a blur. I completely blanked. It all went by so quickly and I panicked slightly and messed up on a couple of reps and I had to redo them. Not the end of the world but in my panic I stood and apologised loads to Pauline after I was finished and it was Kirsty’s turn. No idea why and now when I think about it, I only really let Kirsty and myself down by messing up haha. I was slightly devastated that I screwed up on squat cleans which is really something I know quite well. So annoying. Apparently Kirsty and Pauline were both screaming at me to stop and do squat cleans and not power cleans. I could not hear them what so ever even though they were right next to me. Panic mode indeed.

At the end we went up the the incredible G5 cheer crew and I told them my about my disappointment and apologised to Kirsty but they all said it was fine. It was my first competition after all. I think I was just being too hard on myself but it was frustrating because I knew I could do way better.

It was a major relief getting the first WOD out of the way. After that I felt the nerves calming down a bit and that I could relax. Whilst watching the rest of the heats Jamie arrived. I was so happy to see him. I told him about my frustration with the first WOD and he made me feel so much better. He was a star the entire day watching all the heats (it’s a long day!) and he even started learning all the terms. It seemed like he enjoyed it quite a bit. I love that we can share what we love with each other, even though we have such different interests.

Kirsty and I then had about two hours until our next WOD so we chilled about. Refuelled and hung out with everyone until it was time to go to the back to prepare for WOD 2. The round we’d been dreading the most.

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