Forth Valley Throwdown WOD 2

My Jamie finally arrived just after WOD 1 
Chatting with the G5 crew before the WOD started

And we were off

I put my serious game face on

Just after finishing our heat. What a feeling!

I cannot tell you how badly I was shaking taking this photo afterwards.

The amazing KJ and Julie smashing their WOD in the intermediate category.

WOD 2 was fast approaching. In between our first and second WOD I was with Jamie and the G5 crew watching some of the other heats. Just before the female RX category went on Kirsty and I headed back to get mentally prepared for WOD 2. I felt a little bit less nervous for this one as it wasn’t a fast paced one in comparison to the first and the third but then again we had to compete with our heaviest lifting and neither Kirsty or I can clean super heavy.

As I mentioned, we did some practice runs and found 50kg was about what we could manage so we thought we would warm up with some lighter weights. Then when the clock started we would straight away do 50kg clean into front squats and get that over and done with to move on to attempting to lift something heavier but we were pretty convinced we wouldn’t be able to.

We stood in the back waiting to get called out into the box. We went and chatted for a brief moment with the G5 cheer crew and then went to our bar. We had 7 minutes to warm up and then 8 minutes to get our heaviest combined weight. Before the warm up ended we had to unload the bar for it to be ready to go. The warm up was fine. We did our warm up reps and then got the bar ready for the real action.

Once the guy said go I could no longer hear or see anyone. It’s crazy how your body immediately switches on your maximum focus. I’ve never felt it to that degree in my life as I felt it on this day. I’m usually not the most comfortable person standing in front of crowds especially speaking in front of crowds but in this instance I did not notice anyone. I couldn’t tell you one song they played during our workouts for the entire day. Absolutely no idea.

We loaded the bar with 50kg but our judge miscalculated the weight that was on and said it was 55kg (which would’ve way too heavy to start with for us) so we took 5kg off and did our reps. I was pretty sure the bar was too light when I lifted it. It turned out we did have the bar 50kg before haha. Anyway, since we knew we weren’t going to go crazy heavy it didn’t really matter. We then loaded the bar with the 50kg, did our reps. After 50kg we knew we were in unknown waters. We put on 2.5kg and attempted 52.5kg. It felt fine all of a sudden! It’s crazy what adrenaline can do to you. We were so happy.

Then we came to 55kg… A weight we both had laughed at the thought of even trying. I was in the zone at this point. I was not giving up without a fight. Kirsty smashed her three reps and I was screaming in her face. I was so excited for her. I then remembered Kirsty said she doesn’t like people screaming at her and there I was in her face yelling my head off with excitement. I got slightly carried away haha.

Then it was my turn. I had no idea how this was going to go but there was no fear in me, I just felt determined. More determined than I’ve ever felt in my life. I was getting under that stupid bar. There was no option. So I took a big breath, got into the right position and pulled up the bar and there I was in the bottom of the first squat. I couldn’t believe it. Now it was only two front squats until we were at a 110kg combined. They were so tough because my legs aren’t quite as strong as Kirsty’s but I GOT THROUGH THEM!!

When I put the bar down I couldn’t believe what had just happened. Where did that strength come from? Had it been there all along without me knowing? I probably had just been too scared before to even try. This was maybe the push I needed. I felt like we couldn’t stop there. I needed to at least try 57.5kg… I knew I would regret it if I didn’t. Kirsty didn’t feel quite as convinced but joined me in the madness.

Kirsty did an incredible attempt and couldn’t quite clean it even though she would’ve absolutely smashed those front squats. Then it was my turn, again, no fear whatsoever for the heavy bar as I usually sometimes feel.  I got into position and just went for it as much as I could. I was getting under that bar no matter what…. and I did!!!! Again I was shocked at what I had just done. How did this happen? I pushed with everything I could to get from the squat and I got to one point where I just knew I could not push anymore and had to drop the bar. I was so annoyed. Kirsty then attempted again and couldn’t do it so I had another go and the same thing happened. I couldn’t push it up. So we decided to stop in the final seconds of our heat and leave it at that. We were over the moon with our accomplishment anyway!

After the time was up we went over to the G5 crew and Jamie and I was in tears, with nerves, relief and pure happiness. We had been so worried about this round and we did better than we could’ve dreamed of. Stella said someone next to her had said that I had incredible technique in my cleans and that made me so happy. I then asked her if she said she had trained me haha. Stella and I did loads of cleans during our PT sessions together and it’s incredible to hear others thought I had great technique. Couldn’t possibly ask for more. When I saw Jamie I started crying. The emotions you feel on a competition day are just overwhelming, you feel everything at once. I am a crier anyway, which doesn’t help!

When the score was up we saw we were only 2.5kg below the people above us which made us so happy. Our place on the leaderboard didn’t matter at all to us but to see our times and weights being better than our practice rounds, that’s what made our day.

We then watched Julie and KJ do their thing in the intermediate category. Absolute machines!

Today is another work day! Faye, Lauren and I did a qualifier last night for SFFC (yes I’m entering another competition haha). It was clean and jerks mainly. Some weights were way too heavy for me so Faye and Lauren did an incredible job doing the heavier lifts. Such incredibly strong ladies. I felt a bit useless standing on the side watching but I was also a bit paranoid about my back being sore again so it was probably for the best. I really don’t want to get a serious injury. Tonight we’re meeting up to do the second qualifier. Wish us luck!

Hope you’re all having an amazing day,

M xxx

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