**Competition – The Motivational Dude x Down to Earth Organic**

Actually it’s a morning with not evening haha…

Hi lovelies! As I mentioned I’m doing a competition and I’m so excited for this announcement! My friend Ross aka, The Motivational Dude is hosting an incredible event “Increase the Peace” at Down to Earth Organic Kitchen next Saturday and he’s kindly given me 2 free tickets to give away to two of you guys.

Ross is a personal development coach and focuses mainly on helping individuals fulfil their full potential in life and to become the best version of themselves. He wants to help people live happier and healthier lives and recently talked at Tedx at Glasgow University. How amazing is that?

The event he’s doing on Saturday will be focusing on mindset and nutrition. By the end of the event you will understand mindset training practices and be able to apply mindfulness and meditation into your everyday life. Something I know I personally need to improve in my life. We live such hectic lives and need more moments of stillness. You will have the basics of meditation explained to you before being guided through a meditation.

The nutrition part of the event you will learn how nutrition impacts your mindset. The section will focus on the gut and how it impacts the brain (something I find super interesting). Ross will also speak about foods to avoid to prevent anxiety and low mood states plus what foods to eat to increase your positive mood.

If you struggle with your mindset in life and face struggles such as stress, poor mental health or feeling overwhelmed this event will be so helpful for you. You’ll get tools to enable you to assess your mindset and can help you reprogram your mind so you can in turn work towards reaching you full potential.

During the session Down to Earth Organic will be serving up raw, gluten free, dairy free, vegan cake, protein balls and herbal tea.

I’m so excited for this event. You enter on my Instagram by following my page and commenting on this  photo (click) by Wednesday at midnight.

For more information check out the Facebook event (click) or Eventbrite page (click (where you can also buy tickets if you don’t want to leave your spot up to fate!).

Good luck lovelies!

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