Forth Valley Throwdown WOD 3

The assault bike felt surprisingly easy to the rest of the WOD…

The final push on the Ski erg

I don’t know how much Kirsty and I laughed at this photo of Stella screaming behind her haha

With the best coach, we couldn’t have done it without Stella’s shouting

Kilo and I watching Stella do her WOD. She was incredible!

What a team!

A week ago yesterday I did one of the scariest things I’ve ever done. I competed in a Crossfit competition. Still when I speak about to people it feels a bit surreal. Did that actually happen? Oh yes it did. Absolutely crazy.

So it’s time to speak about the final WOD. Competing is tough, not only doing the actual physical competing but also the waiting. After each WOD you need to mentally reload and be ready to go again in a coupe of hours. It’s not easy. When it was only WOD 3 left to I started to feel a bit tired. WOD 2 was quite long so the wait in between was very long. It’s tough to stay in the zone. I tried to refuel with some energy bars and salted almonds for energy. I didn’t want to eat too much (that could end so badly haha) but at the same time you don’t want to run out of energy during the workout.

I wasn’t too excited when it was finally our turn for our heat. I was tired from all the nerves and training. The WOD was: 25 cal assault bike, 40 ab mat sit ups, 25 cal row, 40 alternating dumbell snatches, 20 burpee box jumps and 25 cal ski erg. A WOD Kirsty and I thought we could do quite well in. It’s the kind of workouts we would do at G5 (minus the ski erg as we don’t have one). Before this WOD Kirsty and I had only ever tried a ski erg once before in our lives so we weren’t quite sure what to expect with that.

Kirsty started on the assault bike so she got set up. As soon as the guy said go I did not have to worry about having much energy left, the adrenaline came rushing back as if someone had pushed a button. I was back in the zone. The assault bike was surprisingly one of the easier parts of the workout (something I never thought I would say…). The ab mat sit ups felt alright and up until the dumbell snatches we were keeping up with the other teams. I’m not the fastest at dumbell snatches and because of the pace we were all going at we got tired quite quickly.

I couldn’t hear anyone really but looking at videos from Jamie and the G5 crew, people were screaming like crazy. At one point I heard Stella scream “Hips Maddie” on my snatches. That lady’s voice stands out in a crowd haha. Apparently she was following us along the lane on the side shouting at us. I only heard her at times. At the burpee box jumps we both were knackered and poor Kirsty felt slightly nauseous so I took did an extra burpee for her.

Then it was time for the ski erg. I was a bit worried about this part since I did still have a sore back and didn’t want to make it worse. In between the WODs I was convinced I wouldn’t be abel to the ski erg because moving my back like that made me so sore. However, I couldn’t feel my back at all haha. Stubborn Maddie was in action and I refused to give up. So there Kirsty and I were taking turns, giving it our all. Stella was standing close behind screaming at us to not stop. When I had done the final 5 calories it felt amazing. I could taste blood in my mouth. It had been so intense. Wow I thought, I have just completed my first competition. It felt crazy. A year ago if someone said I would be competing in crossfit I would have told them they were mad.

Jamie then had to leave to get ready for work back in Glasgow. I was so happy he had been there for support. I feel so much calmer when he is around. We then cheered on KJ and Julie as well as Stella in their heats. They were amazing. Stella was absolutely insane in her heat, her partner got loads of no reps on her muscle ups so Stella had to basically do all 40 of them. It was amazing to watch her smash them out.

It was then time for the prize ceremony. Kirsty and I came last in our category but it didn’t bother us what so ever. We both felt winners. I’ve never been prouder in my life. It’s crazy how good training and exercise makes you feel. When I was there I felt so amazing and I felt so happy with myself. I’m very hard on myself a lot of the time and am not very good at acknowledging when I’ve accomplished something. I usually just think I should be better and could be better but this day I didn’t feel that at all. I felt more accomplished than a lot of times I got a good grade at university. I love pushing myself and seeing what my body can achieve. It doesn’t cease to amaze me.

Forth Valley Throwdown was such a great experience. I’m now more motivated than ever to become stronger and better so I have an even better chance at the next competition. If you’re struggling for workout motivation, I’d really recommend you entering competition whether it’s a 5k race or a Crossfit competition. Even though you aren’t in it to win, it still pushes you to train harder.

The day was finished off at West on the Corner in Glasgow with the remainders of the G5 squad who were hungry. It was hands down one of the best days ever.

M xxx


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