Happy birthday lululemon Glasgow

The beautiful GOMA

This must be the most beautiful place I’ve ever worked out in

The Fly Functional Fitness guys always take their bootcamps seriously and bring their entire gym kit down pretty much! Their dedication is amazing. 
Warm up!
Super excited for the next round

Cool down stretch by the amazing Mark Russell.

Faye’s Coconut & Kale had made an incredible (lulu) lemon and raspberry raw vegan cheesecake. It was incredible.

Waiting for a table at Singl-end

Brunch crew

This was probably one of the coolest events I’ve been to so far. lululemon’s bootcamps are usually outside in Royal Exchange Square but for their birthday they took it to a whole new level. The exhibition in the GOMA was cancelled so the lulu team somehow managed to convinced them it would be a great idea to do a bootcamp in there!

As soon as you walked through the doors to this stunning building you heard the beats pumping. You could definitely tell it was Fly Functional Fitness leading this event, they’re all about the tunes! Once you entered the main room you were struck by the most incredible scene. A room full of people dressed in workout gear ready to train. Fly always take their events seriously and had brought down loads of kit to be used for their class.

The turn out was incredible. There must’ve been at least 70 people there. I remember when I used to be in charge of the bootcamps at lululemon and this was the vision I always had in my head. Now it finally became reality. I was absolutely thrilled for the girls. What an accomplishment. You could tell they weren’t quite prepared for this incredible turnout but David and Ross sorted it out like the professionals they are in no time at all. We ended up being split in half and took turns doing all the stations and standing on the sides cheering the other group training on. It was sweaty and so epic! The atmosphere was amazing. Everyone was screaming, shouting and high-fiving each other. We went for three rounds and then finished off with a stretch led by Mark Russell.

We then continued the party in the showroom and Faye had made a beautiful and absolutely delicious raw vegan cheesecake as a surprise for this special day. We hanged there for ages until we were starving and a group of us then headed to Singl-end for a very late lunch. I had a lovely time with everyone chatting and filling my belly (I was starving).

This day was just amazing. To celebrate the incredible place that is lululemon Glasgow in this way was so much fun. Two years in Glasgow already and I can’t imagine this city without lululemon in it. I remember the first day I sat my foot in the showroom and from that moment I’ve always felt so welcome in there. A place I’ve always loved to return to. What started off as a place I religiously went to every weekend for classes turned into a job opportunity. Working at lululemon was unlike any work place I’ve worked at before. It’s the first place I felt like someone truly believed in me and let me take the lead on projects and several areas of the business. They helped me sort of figure out what I wanted to do with my life and I met the most inspiring people ever. It changed me and it changed my life. When my contract ended I was devastated. I actually didn’t know what to do with myself. I’m so happy to still be involved with this wonderful company and the amazing ladies who are still there, even though I don’t work there anymore. I’m forever grateful to this place and people it attracts. I’ve met friends for life and have never been comfier in my life than when I’m wearing my lululemon gear haha (I say this from the bottom of my heart, their stuff is a game changer, I can’t wear anything else). Who would’ve thought that a shop could make such a difference? In this case it really truly does.

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