In need of some sun

Longing for this view

Hi lovelies! I try to stay positive on this blog but, what is going on with the weather here in Scotland? This seriously has got to be one of the worst summers I’ve ever experienced whilst living here. It won’t stop raining and on top of that, it’s freezing! It seriously is making me feel a bit down. I love the sun and the warmth more than anything and this is just not the climate I’m made for.

Luckily, Jamie and I are going to Nice in August and I cannot wait! A couple of days we’ll be overlapping with my parents and sister Sarah in the flat and then Jamie and I will have the place to ourselves for the rest of the trip. I just want to be on that plane far away from this and wake up everyday to that stunning view of the sea. I’m counting down the days to see my family and the sun. It’ll be amazing. I’m also looking forward to getting some quality time with Jamie where we aren’t working and fee tired. I really want to show him more of the beautiful French Riviera as well. Not long to go. Hopefully the weather here will improve a bit as well. Here’s hoping!

On a more positive note at Stella’s yesterday morning I managed to push press 35kg for 30 reps! Something I didn’t think I’d be able to do. It wasn’t unbroken (I had to put down the bar a couple of times) but I got there. If you don’t get out of your comfort zone you won’t improve, that’s what I keep on trying to remember when I’m standing there struggling and feeling unsure of whether I’ll actually make it through all the reps. It doesn’t make it easier but it makes me more determined.

Time to head into the voomfit office. I think we might be going kickboxing tomorrow after work the entire team. I’m very excited!

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