Acroyoga // lululemon Glasgow


Saturday mornings usually means yoga at lululemon Glasgow for me. I used to go religiously every Saturday but recently I haven’t been able to go as much as I’ve wanted to. Yesterday I managed to come along and it was a bit different from the usual classes they put on. Acroyoga was on the agenda and I was excited!

Acroyoga is so much fun and you feel  pretty amazing when you nail it. The guys leading the class was a duo called Japanero. They were so much fun and we laughed loads throughout.

I love how you get to know everyone quite well in an Acroyoga class. You sort of just have to you’re climbing on top of them haha. A girl called Iona who I’ve gotten to know through voomfit managed to make it yesterday too which was really fun too 🙂

It’s a great bonus that you also manage to work up a sweat during the class from climbing on and holding people. It’s a fun way of being active without really realising it.

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