Lean Canteen opening!

As soon as I walked through the doors a green juice was thrown at me, my kind of place 😉

A colourful selection of salads

So good we had to go for two rounds

Vegan massaman curry

In my element 
How cute is this mini acai bowl?!

Lots of infused waters to choose from

A rare sight, me in a dress. Almost never happens!

Hi lovelies! I feel this week is a week of food. Have I really been writing about anything else? Not that I’m complaining. Who doesn’t love food? On Tuesday Lean Canteen FINALLY opened their doors down in Shawlands and I was over the moon. I’ve been speaking to the guys there through voomfit and gotten to know them and they’re so lovely.

During the day Nicola and I were in the area and popped in to do a bit of filming before they officially opened for a Facebook competition we have on at the moment where you can win a meal for two over on voomfit’s page. Chef Andy gave Nicola and I little sample of their vegan massaman and it was amazing! Massaman used to be one of my favourite curries when I ate meat and it’s traditionally served with beef so I was over the moon when I heard it was vegan. Later on in the day I was asked by the GM Stephen whether I’d like to an Instagram takeover for the Lean Canteen, which I was so happy to do. I felt very honoured and humbled they’d ask me to take care of their Instagram Stories for their big day!

As soon as the clock struck five I left the office, met up with Jamie and we headed down to Shawlands. Unfortunately all the trains were all cancelled so we ended up getting an Uber there in the end. As soon as we walked through the doors of Lean Canteen I was handed a green juice. It was delicious and definitely hit the spot on such a hot day. Stephen made sure I got logged onto their Instagram and then I got ready to do my part. It was really fun even though I struggled a bit with the Internet. I managed to get some content up that I was happy with in the end.

So now to the food, everything we had was delicious and so flavoursome. Since it was such a warm day we mainly had the salads. You get a choice of what you want from the salad bar and then a protein you want with it. There are different sizes you can get as well. All the salads were incredible and got a big thumbs up from both Jamie and I. I then had to get Jamie to try the vegan massaman because it was out of this world and he loved it too. Other than that we sampled nearly all the juices, had a red berry smoothie sample and an acai bowl sample. I loved that juices had slightly different ingredients than the typical things you see in juice bars. Everything was so rich in flavour and incredibly fresh.

I can’t say enough how happy I am that a place like Lean Canteen exists in Glasgow. A place that knows making healthy food available is important but also without compromising at all on the flavours. Chef Andy is seriously a wizard in the kitchen. From speaking to him I know how passionate his for what he does and it shines through in all the food.

Lean Canteen makes healthy eating easy and I am definitely going to make the trek from the west end down to Shawlands more often now they’ve opened up. Seriously, check them out!

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