Watching goals become reality

A sweaty start to my Friday

Speaking at Code Clan

Met up with Jamie for a lunch date at Martha’s

Went to Carolina’s first ever class at Kali Collective straight after work! It was magical.

So happy for her! 

Hi lovelies! Hope you’re having a beautiful Saturday. I’ve had a great day so far with my girls but I’ll write more about that in the next post! Now I want to share my Friday with you. It was of course started off at G5 with a sweaty partner WOD. I was paired up with Gemma, she’s super fit so it felt great to be pushed. I love getting out of my comfort zone because that’s where I know I’ll improve. If I don’t feel dead after a workout I feel like I haven’t worked hard enough. I want to feel exhausted and gross haha. Gone are the days where I was worried about what I looked like and scared of sweat. Now if I’m dripping of sweat, have messy hair, covered in chalk and lying on the floor at the end, I feel like I’ve had a great session and feel like I’ve accomplished something. Getting comfortable being uncomfortable took some time to get to but now I crave it and it’s what makes me show up to the G5 sessions.

After a crazy session it was time to head into the office. I got company from Stella and Kilo for a bit of my walk. It’s so much fun chatting to that lady. At the office I just had time to eat my breakfast before it was time for a morning meeting. We have lots of exciting things in the pipeline for voomfit and I can’t wait for us to get started. I felt like a kid at Christmas. So many possibilities of creating some incredible things and I can’t wait to get started!

Later on one of my bosses Ross had asked me go with him to Code Clan. A place where they train site developers. I had no idea really what we were doing there other than trying to find a potential developer to help us with the site. Little did I know it was actually a talk! Thanks for the heads up Ross haha. So in we went and chatted to these students about voomfit. It felt very odd being on the other side of this. At university I used to go to talks led by companies and now I’m doing talks. I thought I would be a bit nervous but I really wasn’t which was nice. I used to feel quite uncomfortable speaking in front of an audience. It’s something I want to do more to get better at so this was a great start.

At lunch Jamie met up with me so we could have some food together. We ended up at Martha’s because it’s so close to the office and we both can get something there that we like. It nice to see him and here how he was. Hadn’t seen him since Wednesday 😛

Then it was back to the office to do the last bit of work before the weekend. I  had something very exciting to look forward to after work, Carolina who I used to work with at lululemon was teaching her first yoga class at Kali Collective. It was amazing being back in Kali, I love that studio. It’s changed quite a bit since I was there the last time. It’s always been lovely but it’s got even more character and life in it now. Seeing Carolina was amazing, we haven’t seen each other for a while because we’re both very busy. Her class was great and I was so proud of her! It made me think of when she first told us at lululemon she was doing yoga teacher training and now she was there in front of the class teaching. She’s graduating from her training so soon and I’m over the moon for her. She’s a natural! I can’t wait to go to more of her classes.

The rest of the evening I just relaxed. I went to bed before ten and got nine hours sleep. I really needed it! What a day! Now it’s time for me to get ready to go out for dinner with my girls. We’ve got a table booked at Brel.

M xxx

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