Almost one day to go

Stella running through toes to bar!

The sun paid us a visit today!

Hi lovelies! I’ve got to admit I’ve been terrible at taking photos today. This morning I had my final workout at G5 before my holiday. When I arrived Stella was having mini workshop for the two morning classes about how to improve our toes to bar. I really appreciate these mini talks she has about technique and how we can improve it to become even better. She ran through loads of helpful progressions to break the movements down and build up to doing the perfect toe to bar.

After the workshop it was time for us in the later class to get working. It was quite warm outside and the sun was shining so it got quite hot! We did seven rounds of seven different exercises, seven reps of each exercise. Doesn’t sound too bad but it was tiring! We had single arm dumbbell snatches in the WOD, one of my favourite movements, I don’t know why but it feels quite powerful to lift and push that dumbbell into the air.

It was a bit sad saying goodbye to the gym for two weeks, a lot of you will probably find me crazy for saying that. I might be, but it’s also like leaving family. I see these guys all the time and we have so much fun training together so it will be weird missing out. Not that I’m complaining about going away!!

At work I’ve just been trying to smash out as much content as possible before my holiday. I’m getting there and I feel like I can soon relax knowing the team will have enough material. It was just Jordan and I in the office today so it was very quiet but we have fun together the content team so it was still a good day.

Now I really need to start packing and finish cleaning here at home. Tomorrow evening Jamie’s mum arrives and then on Friday I’m leaving so time is running out! I can’t believe I’m leaving so soon. I’m so excited!

M xxx

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