Sanna was here

We spent loads of time cycling on the velo bleu bikes

We were absolutely starving and were meant to go to Safari, one of my favourite restaurants here in Nice but it was so busy we couldn’t get a table. We then ended up going to La Favola, another delicious restaurant and shared pizza and pasta. I had my first pizza in over a year and pasta in a very long time! When in France šŸ˜›

One day one of Sanna being here we went for a nice a long walk, the second day we went running and then trained. It felt great!

Breakfast afterwards always tastes amazing after a good session!

On Sanna’s last day we went sightseeing

Love this girl!

Vieille Ville

An ice cream at Fenochio’s is a must!


Hi lovelies! For being on holiday I feel like we’re being awfully busy all the time. I can’t find time to sit down and write to you guys so this morning I’m skipping my workout before we’re heading out on another adventure.

Sanna was here visiting last week and it was amazing to have her down for the two and a half days she was here. It was short but so sweet! We were on the beach, had food out, went cycling on the velo bleu bikes, went for walks and runs and spoke loads. I can’t remember the last time we had so much time together to properly talk and catch up. It was amazing and I was so happy I didn’t have to be alone for the days in between all of my family left and Jamie arrived. What better way to spend it?

One evening we were out for dinner and unfortunately one of my favourite restaurants Le Safari was so busy it was impossible to get a table outside and we were starving! We ended up going to La Favola, an Italian place because I had a suspicion it would be easier to get a table there and it was. i don’t know ow they do it but they’re so fast at getting people tables and they always have a long queue of people waiting to eat their tasty dishes. At this point we were starving and we ended up ordering a pizza and pasta to share. When I’m eating pizza I know I’m starving because I’m not the biggest fan but it was quite nice. I preferred the pasta though haha. I’m a bit weird but I think Italian is alright, not the best cuisine out there but if a pasta is good, even I can appreciate it.

I just wanted to share that when I’m holiday I do not eat like I do at home. We eat out quite a bit. I know once I’m back home things will go back to normal when it comes to eating and training so until then I’m being relaxed about it. The only thing I notice is I don’t feel as well as I do when I eat my normal food but it’s to be expected. Sometimes I do feel a little bit bad because I feel like I’m loosing the progress I’ve made but I try to not think about it. It’s not healthy and I know that. I try to balance it out throughout the day so I eat healthier during the day if we’re going out for dinner because that’s how I feel the best šŸ™‚ One thing I do not want to think when I’m on the plane home is “I wish I would’ve eaten that” then I’ve done the whole holiday thing wrong šŸ˜›

Speak soon! Love,

M xxx

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