Our anniversary in Nice

Late on Friday evening this guy arrived

Sunset strolling by the beach

Anniversary dinner on the Saturday at Le Safari, a favourite. Simple but delicious food.

I had the mixed seafood grill

After dinner drinks at Movida down by the beach

I had a virgin mojito

Hi lovelies! How are you?? I went into full on holiday mode in the end and barely touched my laptop for the rest of the holiday. It felt amazing to be a bit switched off and now we’re back in Glasgow. As you can probably imagine I’ve still got so much to share with you from our trip so I’ll be posting a bit from our trip even though we’re back to normal life. As much as I would’ve loved to stay it is quite nice to be home and get back into my training and normal eating habits, get back to work, blog and see my friends. One day I hope to have the warm weather wherever I call home too.

After Sanna left on Thursday evening last week I was alone for the entire Friday until Jamie arrived late in the evening. For the first time ever I was alone Nice, very weird but it was nice to have a day to myself when I could do whatever I wanted. I trained in the morning and then spent the day on the beach. I was so excited to see Jamie. I cycled to the airport to pick him up and it was so nice to see him walk through the doors of the arrivals hall. He looked tired after some very intense last days at work before leaving his job at The Finnieston. He’s starting a new job at The Kelvingrove Café now when we’re back from Nice and I’m really excited for him. We hopped straight into and Uber and crashed in bed when we got to the flat.

The next day it was our 4 year and 10 month anniversary. Soon we’ll have been together for half a decade. How crazy is that?! We know it’s not quite our anniversary anniversary but we thought it was a good excuse to celebrate and go out for dinner after a day on the beach. We cycled into town just before sunset and browsed about the shops looking for shoes for Jamie. Unfortunately French men don’t seem to have very big feet because we didn’t find any shoes for him!

This time around we were a bit more successful with getting a table at Le Safari than Sanna and I were. At first the manager just said to come back later because they were busy but I said we really didn’t mind standing and waiting, he gave up up and said fine wait haha. After about 15 minutes we had a table. There’s always room inside at Le Safari but who wants to sit inside when you can sit outside?

We had a delicious meal and I even had my first glass of wine of the year! Other than that I’ve only had a third of a glass of Prosecco. It’s not been intentional me not drinking but I’ve just not felt like a drink and not had time to drink with me training basically everyday. It doesn’t treally fit into my lifestyle. But then when we sat there together in the old town in Nice, finally together after a week a part and celebrating our mini anniversary I did feel like a glass of rosé. It was delicious! It was probably smaller than a glass haha.

For dessert we had the most insane apple pie. I LOVE apple pie (it needs to be a crumble or a French tarte) and this one was sooo good. I never wanted it to end.

After dinner we headed to a place called Movida just by the beach. It seemed like the place to be looking at their clientele. All about our age and drinking rather tasty looking cocktails with loud music. We were very lucky and got a table at the front outside. I was feeling the vibes and ordered a virgin mojito. Usually I just go for water because I think it’s unnecessary sugar but I figured it was better than having an alcoholic cocktail. I didn’t really want to have more alcohol and it was a bit more fun than water. It was okay but not the best.

It was such an amazing first day back together.

Speak soon,

M xxx

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