New week

Happy Monday and happy start of a new week! Happy freshers week even for those taking part in that! I will be this week but in a slightly different way. Through voomfit I’ve organised a healthy freshers week with free classes at some incredible gyms and studios in the city for students to take part for free! I’m so excited for this and will be at all of them so if you’re around you should definitely come along and join me. What a great opportunity to try something a bit different that perhaps you have wanted to try but haven’t had the chance to! There’s HIIT classes, bikram yoga, spin Crossfit and so much more! For more details check out this article on Glasgow Live (here). It’s pretty surreal to be mentioned in an article and also for something I’m so passionate about, getting people to exercise. One step closer to the dream of helping.

So today it’s a HIIT class up in Hyndland with So West End Athletic Training. They’re a great team so don’t miss out on kicking of your week to a great start this evening.

I’m just on my way to Fly Functional Fitness, we’re filming with them today so that should be fun. I can already feel this week is going to be busy but I think it’ll be so much fun.

I didn’t go to Stella’s this morning because of filming but sleeping for almost nine hours makes me think I needed it. Jamie and I had a very long but fun day yesterday when we lots of our friends over for my belated birthday brunch. It was lovely having everyone over but it’s a lot of work hosting! I love it though so I’m hoping we’ll do it again sometime 🙂 It’s fun cooking for people.

Have a great day lovelies xxx

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