Morning workout fun

Claire joined me in the gym at 7am yesterday morning!

Barbell lunges burn! Sometimes I look happy when I train πŸ˜›

Hi lovelies! Hump day already! How’s your week going so far? It’s a very strange feeling this week compared to last week when I was all over the place for the student sessions, a slight change of pace but much needed after a lot of training. I had a great start to yesterday morning, the sun was shining and I met my friend Claire at the gym for a catch up.

This awesome lady has just started going to the gym and needed some company in the weights room. I remember when I was just starting out with weight training and venturing over to the squat racks and platforms. It really can be intimidating. I felt like everyone was staring at me and judging me. One thing I’ve learnt is nobody is staring at you, everyone is far too busy focusing on their own training. It took a while to realise this. Another thing I struggled with is knowing what do with a barbell and making sure your form is okay. I am no personal trainer in anyway but I’ve learnt a couple of things through my own training and getting help which I’m so happy to help anyone who’s struggling. The more people lifting weights the better I think πŸ™‚ Claire is just recovering from a knee injury and is getting back into to the groove of training so it was really fun to help her out.

We had a great time working on our legs and I showed her front squats, sumo deadlifts and thrusters amongst some other fun exercises. I love training whilst catching up. Gym hangouts are one of my favourite sociable things to do. You’re doing something whilst chatting. My session with Claire really got my day off to an amazing start.

Today I’m in not as great of a mood to be honest. Just feeling down and frustrated at things going on in life and just trying to get through the day. I was at G5 this morning which helped but I’m just not great today. Everyone has those days and today is mine. I’m really trying to turn my mood around but it’s tough. Just trying to stay busy at work and not think about what I’m feeling and start to overthink things. I’m so bad for overthinking things in my head.

Still hoping things will turn around for me if I keep on trying!

M xxx

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