A day of events

Good morning lovelies! Just sitting here in the kitchen having my breakfast. I felt like my body needed rest this morning so instead of going to the gym I’m taking my time at home getting ready instead of running out the door to lift weights. It’s important to let the body rest. Something I’m admittedly not very good at and need to improve on.

I love training so much and love to start my day moving so not having that everyday I struggle with but last week I trained twice some days because I was going to the student classes as well as doing my own training and therefore I really think it’s time for me to take it easy one day at least. I never thought I would have the issue of having to force myself not to train when I first started out over four years ago. Before it was a burden having to move and now I struggle to go a day without it. How times change!!

Today I’m feeling a bit better than yesterday which is nice and I think today is going to be a fun day so hopefully I’ll feel better as the day goes on. This morning we’re having some business training for the voomfit team which I think will be very valuable. Looking forward to learning something new.

Then once I finish work I’m going to a bloggers networking event at the GOMA where some Glasgwegian bloggers such as Foodie Explorers and A Life With Frills will be talking about all things blogging. I’m not quite sure what to expect but it sounds like a good time.

I unfortunately can’t stay for the entire event as I’m also going to Greaves Sports’ Adidas women’s collection launch later on in the evening. There’s going to be yoga and treats from Coconut & Kale so of course I’m going to be there! Can’t say no to an amazing event like that. I’m really excited to see what beautiful stuff they’ve got in for the Adidas collection.

Busy busy all day! Hope you have a beautiful day,

M xxx

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