A very late hi to all of you! I’m so sorry for the lack of posts today! Life came in the way and there wasn’t anything I could do about it. I hope you understand. This morning I had set the alarm for an early start at the gym but when it went off I was exhausted. I just thought, what’s the point being exhausted and not enjoying my training? It just felt silly to force myself to do something I usually love when I really didn’t feel like it at all. My body felt tired and in the end I reset my alarm and went back to bed. I really felt like I made the right choice.

I wasn’t sure whether I would feel tempted to go to the gym after work so I packed my bag with gym stuff just in case. Work went by at an okay pace. We had a 90s playlist all day and were singing along as we were working. I love 90s music, you can’t not enjoy a blast from the past like that?!

I decided towards the afternoon to go to the gym. Just after work I saw Jamie briefly in town before he headed off to do his second podcast episode. Yes he’s started a podcast with his friend Dave and I’m so proud of them! It’s a drinks podcast and even though I don’t drink I of course had to listen to it and they did such a good job. If you’re at all intrigued and want to listen you can find it here.

Then it was gym time. I was glad I made it down but I can’t say it was a great workout haha. I practiced toes to bar, back squats and pull ups. In the end I did something and that is better than nothing. I’m hoping for a better training day tomorrow morning.

Speak soon my dears!

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