Maggie’s Culture Crawl 2017

T-shirts on, we’re ready to go! Starting out in Kelvingrove Museum

Map at the ready

Speaches and warm up before we started our walk

A super awesome piping band in Merchant’s House

Glasgow Cathedral looking like a haunted mansion

Listening to one of the many incredible performances we got to experience throughout the evening.

Barrowlands at night

BAad, burger stop for those who were feeling a bit peckish.

One of our favourite stops, the Science Centre had a pop up in Brodies entrance in town (Brodies was the sponsor of the crawl)

The Hunterian Museum at Glasgow Uni was the final stop! 

Walk completed. More tiring than you would think!

We did it!

Hi lovelies! Hope you’re having a lovely Saturday. Yesterday it was time for the Maggie’s Culture Crawl. I got invited to take part a while ago by the lovely Maggie’s team and it felt so far away at the time but all of the sudden they day was here. Jamie and I were both very excited to take part and were very curious of what the evening had in store. We knew where we were going but not much about what was actually happening along the way.

The evening kicked off at Kelvingrove Museum where we got registered and then got a t-shirt for the walk. After a bit of waiting around it was time to go outside to a little stage they had set up to start off the evening. We had some very moving speeches from the organisers involved as to why this walk is so important. I love their message of no one should face cancer alone. It gave us walking even more purpose and meaning as to why we were there. It felt very powerful being there amongst everyone, everyone who wants to make a difference in some way. It was beautiful and I felt a little bit emotional. I thought of my mum and Jamie’s family members who lost their battle to cancer and I was so happy to be there to help shed a light on Maggie’s who’s helping people who fighting their battle and also their families. Family members who feel powerless watching their loved one going through a life threatening struggle with this horrible disease.

After the speeches we had a warm up to 500 miles, the dancing was really fun haha. The it was time to get walking! We had no idea how long this evening would take but we were excited to see what it had in store. It was so much fun. Other than walking for Maggie’s, which was an incredible purpose as it was, I loved that it was a fun and very different evening. It gave Jamie and I a chance to spend some proper time together, which was really nice. A great evening to get a group of friends together for and do the walk with.

The stops were: Kelvingrove Museum, Mitchell Library, Merchant’s House, Glasgow Cathedral, BAad, The Briggait, Brodies, The Project Cafe and The Hunterian Museum. Some of these venues we had never been to before either so it was a great being a tourist in Glasgow. We can now tick all of those venues of our list. Some of our favourite stops and performances were Mitchell Library (with a violin player), Merchant’s House (with the piping band) and Brodies (with the Science Centre).

I have to say the volunteers who were standing along the way cheering everyone on were amazing and all very helpful. Jamie and I managed to get lost a couple of times along the way but we got to all the stops in the end haha. At nearly all the stops there was food and drink available. They really made sure everyone was fed. There weren’t very many options for me but I came prepared with some snacks so I really didn’t mind at all. Jamie loved it and got a burger, some small pies, pakora, beer and eclairs along the way. There was definitely no shortage of food along the way! So incredibly thoughtful and generous.

I loved how fun the made the night and even though we were all brought together due to a terrible disease, everyone was having a blast. After just about four hours of walking we arrived at The Hunterian Museum where we got a medal and a little goodie bag. A very nice touch, just doing the walk was enough for us but it was very nice of Maggie’s to give this out. I think Jamie and I walked quite quickly because by the time we had arrived the performance hadn’t started yet in The Hunterian. I was quite hungry at this point so we didn’t wait around for very long so left quite soon after we arrived to look for food but we really didn’t mind because the evening had been so lovely.

We had had so much fun. Walking for that long is more tiring than you might think! People of all ages and abilities were walking, I even saw some children. Good on them for taking this challenge on. I loved the walking because as you know, I love being active. It was nice being out for a couple of hours with a goal at the end instead of aimlessly wandering around as I usually do.

Thank you so very much to Maggie’s for inviting me to take part in this incredible evening! It was filled with so much happiness. If you get a chance you should definitely take part in next year’s crawl. It’s such a fun experience xx

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