A pretty perfect day

My delicious food: Sourdough with hummus, pickled veg, asparagus and greens. It was heavenly!
 Happiness= Brunch
This guys face is just the cutest thing.

A stunning autumn’s walk after our meal.

Hi lovelies! After two very intense days of voomfit meetings about lots of exciting things I’m feeling quite ready for the weekend. Two days to go! It’s so odd to have a four day week. It made quite the difference being off on Monday. It was such a great day. I slept in for a bit longer and then I walked down to the Finnieston area to pick up Kilo from Stella. I absolutely love that little guy so I was very excited to be spending the day with him and also Jamie of course.

We weren’t sure of what to do for the day because the weather forecast was warning us about weather. In the end we ended up doing something that always goes down well, going for brunch hehe. It’s so handy though because most brunch places are dog friendly!

We headed down to Shawlands on the train with Kilo and went to Café Strange Brew. I love that place but haven’t had a chance to go since they moved to their bigger unit across the street. We were greeted by the lovely Laurie, the incredible woman behind this amazing place. I haven’t seen her for ages so it was great to talk to her and hear how things are going for them. From what I’ve heard the queue is pretty much out the door all weekend. I’m so happy for her! No wonder, their food is absolutely delicious.

I had the vegan brunch plate whilst Jamie went for the Spanish baked eggs. Yum yum yum! After our lovely meal we went for a walk in the park and the weather was just stunning. It looked magical with the sunrays illuminating the golden leaves on the trees. It couldn’t have looked more perfect! We then had to head back to the west end to sort out some errands and hand Kilo back to Stella.

It’s days like that I cherish, we didn’t do anything extravagant but it was just so nice wandering about and not stressing around. It made me really long for the day Jamie and I can get a dog. I know now is not the time but one day we’ll have a cute little pup and we’ll bring him everywhere with us. He’ll be the ultimate brunch, gym and bar dog haha.

M xxx

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