Review: Deliciously Ella’s Coconut&Oat Energy Ball

Just a tad mushed from lying in my bag hehe. Sorry about that!

Hello my dears! Happy Friday to all of you. I finally made a proper comeback at G5 after my illness. Touch wood, I’m feeling better. Could it be all the ginger, lemon, wheatgrass and spirulina, other greens and fruit I’ve boosting myself with? I have no idea but I would like to think that it’s had an effect because my cough is almost entirely gone. Almost! I didn’t feel a hundred percent back on track when I did the workout this morning but it’s to be expected after being ill. I was so happy being back in the gym and Faye was there in the morning class too. You just know it’s going to be a good class when you’re paired up with one of your really good friends! I was thinking that this morning, what a great way to start your day, to see your friend and spend time together before heading off to work, or uni in Faye’s case. Love it! I almost feel like it’s too nice of a start for just a work day, hanging out with my friends at the gym.

The rest of the day has gone by at the blink of an eye almost. I was up at Unit4 to chat with them for a bit for work stuff and then I’ve been sorting out the voomfit newsletter. Yes I’m the mastermind behind this now haha. Hopefully everyone will like it. I used to do the newsletter occasionally when I worked at lululemon so it is something I’ve done before. I love that I get to do so many different tasks in my job role. I’m always getting pushed and encouraged to take on new things.

For lunch I had leftovers but I thought I would treat myself to a little sweet thing afterwards, since it’s Friday and all. I’ve been walking around with one of Deliciously Ella’s new energy balls in my bag for a couple of days after I came across it at a random Tesco I was in and knew the moment I saw it I had to try it. I haven’t tried any of her new ones since she launched them. They don’t seem to available in Glasgow really for some reason? I f anyone has seen them and I’m just blind, please correct me. I’d love to know! Anyway, as weird as I am, I didn’t eat it straight away. I know, who does that? I like saving these for having in my bag when I need it, for instance in case of hanger emergency. I’m horrible when I’m really hungry, I can’t cope.

This bar is nut free, which is great for anyone who has nut allergies. It doesn’t claim this on the bar however. I would think it’s because it says it may contain traces of nuts but the ingredients are dates, oats, pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, dessicated coconut and date syrup. So if you’ve got a serious nut allergy, then it’s at your own risk eating these due to the potential traces! I’m now feeling slightly paranoid someone is now going to have an allergic reaction after reading this post… You know your body best so please do what you feels best for you.

Anyway, what did I think of the bar you’re probably wondering? Or maybe not but I’ll tell you anyway. I though it was nice. Very lovely and coconutty with a hint of oats. I thought it was tasty and a nice filling snack. The seeds added a delicious crunch. I prefer when a bar has some bite to it, the seeds hit the spot. It tastes a lot like Primal Pantry’s coconutty bar so the flavour is nothing new but it’s good. I would buy it again if I was in need of an energy bar but there are other bars with flavours I like more that I would probably buy first if I came across them as well. What I do love is the simple ingredient list. I think the date syrup is perhaps a bit unnecessary when dates are already very sweet but it’s luckily not too sweet.

Give it a try and let me know what you think!

M xxx

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