Metabolic Mayhem

Hello my dears! Sorry, another slightly later update but Jamie and I really had to clean the flat before he headed to work. We’re so busy we just never have time to clean. It was a long time coming and now it’s so nice and tidy. I asked Jamie if he felt more organised and almost like a better person when the flat is clean and he just looked at me like a weirdo haha. I feel calm inside and at peace when every is sparkly clean and all our stuff is tidied away. Maybe that is a bit weird but surely I’m not the only one that thinks that way?

This morning I was up early to have breakfast before heading to Metabolic Mayhem at G5. The Saturday classes are so much fun, we work in teams and the class runs on for a bit longer than the weekdays. It’s a great mix of people from the morning and evening classes who all come together for this one class, so it’s great to see some of the members you don’t usually see during the weekdays. I was in a team with Faye and a girl called Nicola. I think we did really well together and it’s the first session this week I thought I felt more like myself again. I can’t wait until I’m fully recovered. It’s time to start thinking about Rainhill training… Help. I’m already feeling the pressure, in a good way. Like I want to get going and work towards improving my fitness even more because I now have a goal to work towards.

Now I’m FINALLY going to shower. Yes I haven’t showered yet but what is the point when you’re running around cleaning like a mad person? Might as well wait until you’ve done that and then sort yourself out! Then I need to pop out to the shops to get some bits to make dinner for tonight. Kajsa is coming over and we’re having a movie night. I think Princess Diaries might be on the cards. It’s our films that Kajsa and I can pretty much only watch with each other haha. Cheesy perhaps but it’s so nice and nostalgic watching them together.

We’ve been feeling like it’s time to rewatch them for quite a while and even more so after I bumped into Chris Pine himself (he’s in the second film). I don’t know if I told you guys but I bumped into him a couple of weeks ago on Great Western Road. I was walking with my friend Ross when he started looking loads behind us and I was wondering what he was looking at and looked back as well. Just as he said I think that guy behind us is famous my eyes caught him and I knew it was Chris Pine pretty much instantly. However, neither of us were entirely convinced because why would he be randomly hanging about in Glasgow? I panicked because I get start struck and can’t deal with famous people. Don’t ask me why haha. Ross insisted on stopping and asking if he was Chris Pine, so we did eventually. Just as we stopped Chris Pine caught up with us and we realised then how indiscrete we must’ve been because he walked up to us and was and nice introduced himself and said straight away he couldn’t take a photo with us. We hadn’t even thought of that so that was a bit funny. We just wanted to know if it was him! Which it evidently was. So random! He shook our hands and then continued walking. Very surreal! It turned out later on when I Googled it he’s in Scotland filming. That made a lot more sense! So yes, that was my Hollywood encounter and why Kajsa and I now need to watch Princess Diaries because we don’t know him from Star Trek but from Princess Diaries haha, poor guy.

Anyway, that was not at all what I was meant to write about in this post, but I’m very excited to have Kajsa over for a chilled evening with some food. Hope you’re all having a nice afternoon my dears and are up to something nice.


M xxx

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