The quest to getting stronger

Weightlifting with Faye and her mum Carole

Then we moved onto deadlifts and finished off with strict presses. They were so tough.

We then enjoyed some brunch at Singl-end.

I then met up with my little sis to give her a very belated birthday present. Better late than never!

Hi lovelies! Happy new week! Hope you had a wonderful start to your week and are feeling energetic and excited about your plans. I’m feeling a bit tired after a busy weekend and an early start this morning so perhaps not the best start to my day even though I had a great gym session this morning and I’m happy I went I think I need an early evening tonight to feel more rested tomorrow.

I wanted to share some pictures from my lovely day yesterday! I got picked up by Faye’s mum Carole and Faye and went to G5 in the morning. None of us were feeling a hundred percent so instead of doing something high intensity we worked on strength and we did the class I missed earlier in the week when I was ill. It was five rounds of 50kg back squats for 10 reps. Five rounds of 65 kg deadlifts for 10 reps and finally five rounds of 25kg strict presses for 10 reps. It was all quite mentally challenging, especially the strict press. There were several times I was standing there with the bar and had no idea how my muscles were physically going to lift that bar over my head. It’s like you almost forget how to control your muscles because you’re so tired haha. If I hadn’t had the support from Faye and Carole that would’ve been so much more difficult. I really need to up my strength game. I feel like my conditioning is quite good at the moment despite the fact that I’ve been ill but I really want to get stronger.

After a great weight session the three of us went with Lauren and Katherine to Singl-end for brunch! I was starving after that gym session and couldn’t wait to tuck in to the vegan breakfast. I just can’t get enough of it! The wait was a bit longer than usual on everything, which was a shame when were starving but it happens. In the end we were super happy with our food but you know you’re getting to that hangry stage and you just want your food now, that was me hehe. Once I was fed I was all happy again.

I then waved off my dear gym friends and went into town to see my sister to finally give her her birthday present. It was about time she got it! We went for a little tea in town where I got to hand it over and she loved it which made so happy. It was a frame with a quote in, which I thought was relevant for her as she stresses a lot about uni and life. It’s now over her desk as a little reminder. If you’re curious of what it is check out her Instagram, @elninjos.

Now I’m ready to just cook some dinner and do nothing! I’ve got a busy week ahead with The Motivational Dude’s charity event tomorrow evening which voomfit is sponsoring and then this weekend I’m at the SFN EXPO with voomfit as well where we’ll have a stand with a hang challenge. Come see us! So not a lot of free time this week at all but I think it’ll be good fun.

Speak soon,

M xxx

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