Review: Love, Corn Smoked BBQ

Hi lovelies! I’m back in action with the blog today and I’ve got some more ideas for what I hope to be interesting posts. We shall see what you guys think when I get them up! Feeling better today after a good night’s sleep and am ready for today to be considerably better than yesterday. Yesterday really wasn’t great in so many ways I don’t want to get into. I was meant to go to the gym in the evening but I wasn’t even sure if could deal with a session even though I know it usually makes me feel so much better.

Faye was so amazing and said she would meet me after work and see how I was and see if I had change my mind about the gym. Once I saw her I knew I could do it and we walked down to the gym together and it changed my entire mood. I can’t describe how much with words I am grateful to have a friend like Faye and that I’ve found a place in the world which helps my wellbeing so much. Exercising just changes everything. I laughed even though I didn’t think I would be able to and left with a smile on my face. Having a friend like Faye who knows that I needed a good workout more than anything and who made the effort to come and pick me up and encouraged me to still go is absolute gold. Thank you.

Anyway, what I really wanted to write about in this post was the snack above haha but I thought I would just give you a little update and insight into my life.

My quest for finding delicious healthy snacks and treats continues and the other day I came across Love, Corn in Sainsburys. I’d never seen this brand before and was intrigued because I love crunchy corn. Healthy savoury snacks is not something I find as often as sweet so I knew I had to try them after reading the ingredients on the back. They looked quite good and reading about how they’re made on their website (baked in the oven) I thought they would be great for a healthier treat when watching TV and wanting something to munch on. There were three flavours but I went for the Smoked BBQ in the end, it sounded so good. The decision wasn’t easy!

I loved the size of the packet, it felt like you got a good amount of corn bits in it. I thought I could have a couple and then put them away but boy was I wrong, they were incredibly moreish and I ended up eating all of them… Luckily considerably better than eating a full bag of crisps. I absolutely love the crunchy texture and the flavour was delicious. I need to try the other flavours because I feel like this will be a reoccurring nibble when I need a savoury treat .

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