SFN EXPO day 1

Setting up!

Ready for the show. Team extreme! 
Checking out the Throwdown with Stella MCing!

Ross was so nice to help us out for most of the day!

Finally got to try maple water and they so kindly gave me some waters to review for you guys! I’ll be trying them out and writing about them soon.

Went back to the comp later on and ate my lunch. Yes I brought my own food… You’ve got to be prepared 😉

Tried Free Soul’s vegan protein powders and they were really good. They’re new on the market. It’s a shame they don’t have a vanilla one but they said they are working on bringing out a vanilla flavoured one as soon as they can ensure it will taste good. Will maybe have to get the chocolate… It was so tasty! We shall see hehe.

Lovely Gwen came to see me at the stand. Love seeing this beautiful lady!

Had the huge honour of meeting some of the Girl Gains ladies and Shona Vertue. Some incredible women who I really look up to.

Did the hang challenge for the second time in a day, this time against the man behind the expo himself, Neil. He won…

Hi lovelies! Wow, I’m looking through all the photos I took at the expo yesterday and words can’t describe what an amazing day it was. They had really done a great job organising it all and all the stands there were of great standard and value. I feel like a lot of the time the shows we get here in Glasgow aren’t that great but SFN has been amazing so far. Well done to the team behind it. As I mentioned in my post yesterday, Scotland needs more expos and events like these and with the great turnout, it just shows there is a demand for it.

Our day started early yesterday. Team voomfit met up at 8.30am to finalise our stand to get going when the doors opened at 9.30am. We couldn’t believe how busy our stand was all day. People do like a challenge and it was evident in the amount of interest the hang challenge generated. It was crazy and so much fun! There were even some incredibly strong kids taking on the challenge. The best time at the end of the day was 2 minutes 35 seconds I think, which is insane! We’ll see if anyone beats it today.

When I wasn’t at our stand I was browsing about the expo and found some amazing businesses such as Raw Brazilian Coconut Water (love raw coconut water and had only ever tried Rebel Kitchen’s before, this one tasted absolutely amazing), Drink Maple, Free Soul, Misfits Nutrition, Harris Blu and loads more! It was so inspiring speaking to the people behind these companies, all trying to help people in some way on their fitness journey whether it’s through beautiful gym gear, healthy drinks or food. It’s amazing what’s out there that I haven’t heard of before and there only seems to be more and more amazing products being launched. The more the better I say! Healthy food and drink options are important to stay on track with your diet and then gym gear to keep us motivated and feeling awesome when training.

I then had the incredible honour of meeting some super badass girls such as Shona Vertue (I’ve been following her on Instagram for a while now and she’s amazing!) and then Zanna and Tally (and later on Victoria) from the Girls Gains. It was amazing to get a chance to talk to them and just hear what they thought of Glasgow and stuff. These women are women I look up to and am so inspired by how they make a difference in people’s lives. Something I hope to do with this blog. What a job they’re doing and I could only dream of being able to help as many as they are. One day maybe! They were all so lovely, just as how they come across online. Thank you ladies for showing girls how to love themselves, their bodies and teaching them on how to take care of themselves in a healthy way.

I’m so excited for another day at the expo. I’m hoping to be able to catch Shona’s class in the morning and Lean Machines talk. We’ll see how busy our stand is tomorrow but should be okay to go hopefully (if there is space!). I’ve got a list of things I want to buy (but probably shouldn’t because I’m meant to be saving money) but there’s loads of amazing discounts pretty much everywhere so I’m still saving money technically… Oh excuses… SFN is only once a year and having so many amazing things available in one place, you need to make the most of it!

If you haven’t been yesterday I would strongly recommend you going today. It’s so much fun and I truly think you won’t regret it for a second! Tickets are sold at the door so don’t worry if you haven’t got one.

Please come along to the voomfit stand. Would love to see you there 🙂

M xxx


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