Expect the unexpected

Ninja Maddie

Stolen from Stella’s Instagram story haha.

Happy Friday! I feel like a shell of a person right now. I’m knackered. Almost two weeks of working straight has finally gotten to me and I think as soon as my brain registered it’s almost the weekend it thought it was time to shut down and go into sleep mode. I had a massive headache this afternoon and was just feeling like a zombie. I haven’t felt as tired as I feel today in a long time.

Last night Faye and I were going to do a wall ball challenge. It was quite funny when we we got to the gym, we were outside for about ten minutes wondering where Stella was and why the gym wasn’t open because we didn’t see a car. Then eventually I asked Faye if she had tried the door, she hadn’t and neither had I. Of course the gym was already open and I had been standing out there bursting for the toilet haha.

When we got in Stella said she had three WODs she wanted to do and asked if the rest of us there wanted to join in. Not knowing what they really were we decided to take part. Oh god, it was tough. I’m not going to name all the crazy stuff we had to do but Faye and I had to go on the assault bike for 40 calories between two of us and then alternate between cleans and box jumps for eight rounds and then go back on the assault bike again. I was really happy I managed all rounds with the 30 inch side of the box! I’ve been a bit lazy and comfortable and jumped on the 24 inch side for a while when I know I can jump on the 30. So yesterday I did it for the first time in ages and I didn’t fall which was a win for me as well. It’s so painful to fall on that wooden box. I’ve got scars on my shins from it…

We also had a wall ball, burpee and pull up WOD and as a “little” finisher as Stella put it we had to do 3km on the rower in a pair. I felt so nauseous at some points of this workout and it was a mental struggle. You can see what I looked like after the assault bike WOD in the image above from Stella’s Instagram story. It was a good challenge and something I need to do more of leading up to Rainhill in February.

I’m not quite sure when I get my workouts I need to do to see in which category I’ll compete in, they’re called seeding workouts. If I’m not mistaken it should be rather soon because Faye had quite a while to do them. I’m really wondering what they will be!

In other news I’ve booked my flights to go home for Christmas. I’ll be home for almost two weeks. I can’t even remember the last time I was in Stockholm for that long. An even more exciting thing is that Jamie, his mum Lea and brother Luke are all coming over as well to celebrate with my family. It’s a dream come true to have everyone in one place. It feels very grown up of Jamie and I to have families celebrating Christmas together. They won’t be staying for us long as I will but I’m so excited to share how we celebrate Christmas back home and just show them around Stockholm as well as meeting all my relatives!

I really need to look up a gym which I can go to whilst I’m there though because once I’m back it’s not very long until I would like to be in my best shape yet. Just to give myself the best possible chance to do my best. I know I’m not going to win but I do feel now when I’ve got time I should put in the extra work to make sure I’m at a good fitness level 🙂 Gives me a reason to push a bit harder.

Now I’m meeting up with Faye and maybe even Ross for a bit before I’m going to crash for the evening. My body needs rest big time. Tomorrow Jamie’s back in the evening. He seems to be having a great time over in the US so it’ll be fun to hear how his trip was.

Need to go now! Speak soon,

M xxx


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