It’s the weekend

… In case you didn’t know! I went to yoga this morning at lululemon. It was an amazing seasonal flow led by Erin Kyle. Seasonal yoga has got to be one of my favourite forms of yoga. I love how it makes me feel and how it embraces the energy of the seasons. I felt such calm run through me and after savasana I felt like a new person.

After the class I had a quick tea with Hannah. Every time we speak I wish we could see each other more. She’s just too busy with work, teaching yoga and jetsetting off to all kinds of places. We were talking about everything going on in our lives and she gave me some great support and advice when it comes to a couple of things I’m going through at the moment. I love that girl and all her incredible thoughts. My friends awe me with how amazing they are. All so talented, kind and insightful. I have no idea how I managed to find these golden nuggets but I feel so blessed to be surrounded by so many amazing people spreading their positive vibes with the world.

So this evening I’ve got some planning to do off some very exciting and terrifying plans. I’m going to feel quite vulnerable but it’s only because it’s something I’ve been really wanting to do for a while. Now when I’ve started telling people I know I actually have to action it. Time to start thinking and figuring out how it all is going to work. I’ll keep you posted when more details are confirmed.

I’ve now lit some candles. I’ve got the latest season of Crazy Ex Girlfriend on (one of my many guilty pleasures) and I’m looking forward to a relaxed evening of getting organised. How rock and roll does that sound? On the weekend when most people are celebrating Halloween as well! Haha oh well I’m enjoying myself and that’s all that matters. I’ve got open gym in the morning and then a day with my man to look forward to tomorrow.

Hope you’re all having a lovely evening whether you’re out in your fancy dressed or just having a cosy night in.

M xxx

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