SLTN Awards 2017

All glammed up for the awards! 

With our friends Rachel and Ryan (Ryan is one of Jamie’s closest friends and was also nominated of mixologist of the year).

Got a tasty veggie curry with couscous as a main!

Brownie for dessert, I ate all of mine and nearly all of Jamie’s… 
Crappy photo but needed to show you when Jamie was up on stage collecting his award!

So happy! Some of the gang

I brought snacks because I knew from last year that I was going to get hungry later on haha.

What a night! The evening started with getting glammed up by Lara at Bobby Brown in House of Fraser. She chose a blue shimmery look on my eyes. Something that I hadn’t really done before and I absolutely loved it. Then I ran straight to catch an Uber to the Hilton where Jamie had already checked in to get dressed and curl my hair before the evening kicked off.

The evening itself was just a dream. Even though I’m not in the drinks industry I absolutely love going to the SLTN Awards. It’s so much fun to get dressed up and spend time with Jamie’s friends and colleagues he sees everyday. It’s exciting to get a glimpse of his world that he talks about so much and meet all the people who are in it.

Before the awards we had a three course dinner. The veggie dishes were quite good this year in comparison to year before. There was so much alcohol on the tables it was crazy! I stuck to water but everyone else made the most of it. After the dinner finished it was time for the awards to begin, led by he British comedian Jimmy Carr. I’ve heard loads about him but never really seen anything by him. He was funny but perhaps took a bit too far for my liking, but it was a good laugh. Despite the laughter it was tensing up in the air and the moment Jamie had been working so hard for drew closer and closer.

When it finally got to mixologist of the year I can barely even remember what was going on. I can’t even imagine how nervous Jamie must’ve felt. I filmed this moment on my phone because I thought this moment is something we’re always are going to want to look back on if he wins and what felt like forever when Jimmy Carr was talking before announcing the winner was only a minute or two when we looked at the video afterwards. When he actually said Jamie’s name I couldn’t stop screaming. So yeah that’s the only thing you could hear in the video pretty much… Jamie has said afterwards that he’s never heard me make noises like that before! Haha oh well, I was too caught up in the joy to even think about other people watching… When he came back to the table with his trophy, massive vodka bottle and the biggest smile on his face ever my heart just melted. I’ve seen him work so hard for this and now he had achieved it. I asked him what next as a a joke, he said there’s so much more he wants to accomplish.

I’m sitting here with a massive smile on my face as I’m typing this, just remembering the joy. It’s a moment that’s always going to be remembered. After the awards were done the afterparty opened and there was even more alcohol everywhere. There were also bacon rolls served but seeing as I don’t eat meat and I had this issue last year and was starving, I brought my own snacks in my clutch. A nut bar and coconut crisps… You’ve got to be prepared for when the hunger strikes…

People were getting very drunk at this point and it was so funny to watch.

Once the afterparty closed it’s doors the people we were with wanted to move on to the hotel bar so that’s where we were. I called it a night just before 4am. I can’t even remember the last time I was up that late. I had had an incredible time celebrating Jamie’s accomplishment with everyone and it made me so happy seeing him so so happy.

I didn’t want SLTN to finish so quickly because it’s so much fun but all fun thing must end at some point.

Congratulations my love again for your incredible accomplishment. I always knew you were a superstar, now the rest of Scotland knows it too. This is only the beginning!

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