T2 Tea Christmas event

Had the privilege of trying out their new Christmas teas

Christmas Breakfast was my favourite! It tasted like Christmas in a mug basically.
I feel like this palm leaf cup was made for me! I love palm trees… and pineapples

They made us some Chocolate Matcha tea and I couldn’t leave without purchasing my own. It was delicious.

Hi my dears! It’s a busy week full of loads of exciting events happening. One of them being T2 Tea’s Christmas launch with loads of other Glaswegian bloggers. Being invited to events like these is an honour and I think it’s crazy to think that my blog has grown so much in the 2.5 years that I’ve started to get invited to events like these. Thank you so much!

The last T2 Tea event I went to was so lovely. I’m a huge fan of tea and what I really like about T2 Tea is that they they make teas and anything to do with tea really fun, different and beautiful. As soon as I got the invite I replied to say I was going. I couldn’t miss out on an evening of tea!

I’m looking through the photos I took from the night and silly me forgot to take any photos of the lovely girls I was chatting with or one of myself… Rookie mistake but sometimes that happens! You can’t always be on top of the blogging and photo game. It was lovely to see some familiar face like Mollie from Fuelling the Fork and Kirsten from Letters From Marion. I also met a lovely fellow Nordic girl, Pinja from Pinjakk. All doing different things on our blogs but fun to hear what everyone is up to! As much as I love blogging sometimes you do feel a bit alone in it and it’s nice to speak to people in a similar situation.

I had a great time browsing about all the new stuff and did not leave empty handed. After trying their chocolate matcha I had to buy it. It will be the perfect comforting drink now when it’s getting a bit chillier. We also got gifted a little present each that I can’t wait to share it with you very soon!

Now I’m just in the office after being to the gym this morning. It was an EMOM on in class (Every Minute on the Minute). We had seven stations and each station you have a minute to complete the exercise given and preferably you should have enough time to get to the next station within the minute as well so you’re ready to go when the next minute starts. I quite enjoyed it, we haven’t done an EMOM for a while so it was fun to mix it up.

This evening I’m going for dinner with Faye, Kate, Kat and Hannah. I’m so excited to see them all! I can’t remember the last time we were all in one place.

Have a lovely Friday my dears xxx

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