Hannah and Kat

Kate, Faye and I

Faye gave up mid photo

Can’t stop laughing with these ladies

Hi lovelies! How are you this Saturday? I have been fighting with my laptop since this morning trying to upload these photos and get this post up. I in the end had to give up on posting it out this morning because I was going to yoga at lululemon. Kat was teaching so I had to be there, her classes are magical.

My laptop is slowly but surely giving up after over five years together. I think I might just have to bite the bullet and get a new one because just getting photos uploaded for this post has taken me half an hour. It makes me so frustrated which isn’t fun either. Blogging is meant to be fun and right now it’s a struggle. I feel like a lot of time is wasted on trying to make my laptop want to work with me and not against me. I have a Mac so all I see is that rainbow circle spinning and if you have experienced it you know how annoying it is. Some days it works okay but it’s extremely temperamental.

Yesterday evening I had a dinner date with some of my incredible friends. I look at these amazing ladies and wonder how I managed to get so lucky to call them my friends. We’re all so different but very similar at the same time and I love how we can discuss things going on in our lives and everyone has amazing insights to share from their point of view that you might not have thought of before. I feel inspired by all of them every single time we’re all together.

We were at Tiki Bar from 6.30 in the evening until about 10 having dinner and we were the only people left in the restaurant in the end! I laughed so much my cheeks hurt and Jamie’s former colleagues serving us must’ve thought we were slightly mad. It’s evenings like these you need in your life, just to unload your thoughts and get support and be surrounded by people who care about you. I wish we could see each other more but unfortunately everyone is busy conquering the world with all their exciting projects and jobs.

Kat’s class this morning was amazing. Hannah and I were hanging on the locks of the showroom this morning and got mats right at the front. The class was beautiful, challenging at times but in a nice way. I can’t believe I’ve managed to go to three yoga classes this week! I don’t even know the last time that happened. It’s felt really good and I’m feeling a lot loser which is nice. When you train loads it does make your muscles tighten up so it’s nice to have that time to stretch it out and I really think it benefits my training, especially in exercises where mobility is important such as squats, thrusters, wall balls, snatches. There’s loads of areas in the training we do where you need good mobility.

The rest of today I’m just sorting out some stuff before Jamie finishes work. Yes he is off on a Saturday evening so I’ve booked tickets for us to go and Murder on the Orient Express. We’re both really looking forward to it. I’m really hoping it won’t be scary but it looked more mystery than thriller so let’s hope it stays that way! I can’t deal with scary films.

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Madeleine Moves is a blog celebrating a love of exercise, food, travelling and life. I love being active, exercising and being out and about. With my blog I hope to spread this joy and inspire you to be your best. Who am I? I’m Madeleine (surprise). I’m a Swede who lives in the vibrant city of Glasgow in Scotland. I moved here for my university studies and in summer 2016 I graduated with a degree in Business and Management at University of Glasgow. My keyword has always been balance. I love eating healthy food but I also love to indulge once in a while. You need to enjoy life at the end of the day and limiting yourself is not the way to go. With this I would like to say welcome to Madeleine Moves. Love, Madeleine

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