On the go

Hi lovelies! As much as I always try to ensure I’ve got food with me when I’m out and about, since I’m always on the move, I sometimes still forget that I need food when I’m running about. Yesterday I was in lululemon for a while after yoga and by the time I left I was absolutely starving and knew I had nothing at home to eat because I needed to do a food shop and there were zero leftovers in the fridge. Not good planning on my part but it happens sometimes.

As much as it is preferable to eat home cooked food it’s not always possible as much as we plan. Therefore it’s great that there are some healthy options out there to pick up when we’re on the go. The place I do tend to go to for a quick and affordable meal is Pret a Manger but when I was in there yesterday there wasn’t anything there I wanted really. I headed along the street to EAT where I found one of my standard boxes I go for when I’m there. They’re small and I was starving so I got two for about six pounds, which I don’t think it’s that bad. It’s filled with charred broccoli, hummus and then a mix of quinoa, pistachios, cashew nuts, beetroot and black rice. It tastes good, not the most mind blowing experience but it’s nice and simple and a good option when you’re out. I tend to get this as a snack at EAT when I’m travelling from Edinburgh Airport and it always works.

I just thought I would give you this little tip if the hunger strikes when you’re out. I try to stick being healthy with these everyday meals so I can save having a more indulgent restaurant meal for a nicer occasion when I’m out with friends and Jamie. Otherwise if I overindulged every time I went out for a meal I’d feel horrible and in the long run put on weight that I don’t need. I also love eating greens and foods that are considered healthy because they energise me and make me feel a lot better, which is why I opt for them. It’s my preferred way to eat.

I do try to support local businesses and go there when I can but sometimes it’s just convenient to have these chain cafes like EAT and Prêt where you know you’ll be able to find something quick to have and then leave.

What I otherwise try to do when I know I’m going to be out for a while is bring a snack with me like a banana with nuts, a snack bar or coconut crips. Just so I know I have something to keep me going until my meal. What are your go to things to snack on when you’re out of the house?


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