Faye’s Rainhill Day

Hi lovelies! Sorry for the empty blog yesterday but it’s been absolutely mad the last couple of days. I’m in Manchester!!! It’s time for Faye to finally compete at Rainhill Trials and I’m so unbelievably excited for her. I’ve trained with her the past couple of months and seen her absolutely smash it. She’s gotten so insanely strong.

We’ve just had breakfast at the hotel and are in the car on the way to the arena. I wish I could do more than just stand on the sidelines and cheer her on (we’re a team after all, Team Faddie as we’re called haha) but I’ll be next to her in spirit.

It’s going to be odd watching this knowing I’ll be down in February competing! It’ll be good to see what I’m getting myself into. Anyway, time to support Faye, I’m nervous and excited for her. No matter what happens she’s worked so hard and today is just a place for her to showcase her hard work.

Speak soon lovelies! M xxxx

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