Faye’s Rainhill Trials Part 1

Picking up some final bits at the gym before heading down to Manchester

All packed to head over to the venue on Saturday morning

Etihad Stadium at sunrise

The crew!

Getting registered

Just before her athlete briefing

The venue!

Athlete briefing where they go through the movement standards for each WOD

After the first three heats it was time for Faye’s heat to take the floor.

Ready to go

The relief after having the first WOD done

Hi lovelies! After a little mini blog break yesterday I’m now ready to start sharing some of my Manchester trip with you! What an incredible weekend it was. It was filled with nerves, joy, happiness, tension, tears and accomplishments. Faye did so amazingly well! We were all super proud of her. I loved spending loads of time with Faye, her mum Carole and Sharon. We had a laugh the entire weekend together. It’s very odd coming back to normal after being away and having such a good time!

Like I already mentioned, we drove down on Friday evening to Manchester. I love a roadtrip and we all had a lovely time on our way down just chatting away. We were all so excited for the weekend ahead. We got down to Village Hotel in Ashton outside of Manchester just after 9.30pm and got checked in. Sharon and Carole went for a wine downstairs whilst Faye in and I stayed in our room doing the final prep for her big day. Outfits had to be chosen! It might sound silly, but if you feel great you’ll perform better. You know how you feel when you feel like you nailed your outfit for a party? Don’t you feel pretty amazing? Why not do that when you’re training or competing? Every little thing matters. We probably should’ve aimed for an early night since we had to be up about 6.30am the next day but we didn’t get to bed until just before twelve!

We both woke up before the alarm the next morning. On big days I struggle to sleep and even though it was Faye competing I was really excited and nervous for her. I’ve seen how much she had trained and trained with her the past couple of weeks and really wanted her to do well. We got all out bags together we needed for the day including clothe changes for Faye and prepped food we had with us. We had so much food and snacks with us for the day (you don’t want to chance it with food when you’re competing Faye’s case and I wasn’t sure there would be something I would eat there).

We all went down to the breakfast as soon as it opened to get some food in our stomachs before heading over to Sportcity. The breakfast wasn’t great to be honest. I wish there would’ve been oats or something but it was the typical pretend scrambled eggs (that looks like some weird jelly-type thing), bacon, sausages, mushrooms and oven roasted tomatoes. Then some yoghurts and cereal and stuff. I mainly ate mushrooms and tomatoes to be honest! None of the other stuff looked that appealing to me. We’re staying there when I’m competing in February so I’ll probably just bring my own breakfast to make sure I get some proper fuel. You don’t get a chance to and don’t really feel like eating proper meals during the day when you’re competing so breakfast is very important!

The venue for Rainhill was only a short drive away from the hotel. It’s located in the same area as Manchester City’s football stadium and I first thought that was where Rainhill was when we were walking. The others laughed and said the one we were going to was a lot smaller. Thank god I thought, that would’ve been quite intense. We got inside the Rainhill venue, Faye registered and we then found seats and set up “camp” for the day. Faye looked so calm! I don’t know how she remained so calm throughout the day. I’m definitely not going to have the same poker face as her when I’m competing!

It was then time for the athlete briefing where they go through the correct movements for each of the WODs. Once that was done it was time for heat one of the Wood which was the easier level. Each level had two heats. Faye was in the level above called Rastrick, in heat two. The more advanced levels competed on the Sunday. It was almost time for Faye to compete and she didn’t even look nervous. She did brilliantly in her fist WOD flying through everything at a great pace. She smashed it and it must’ve felt great for her when it was over. It was then all the men’s heats meaning she had a long break until her next WOD. That one was going to be juicy!

I’ll share more about Rainhill in my next post! I’m just having my breakfast at the moment and need to head into the office very soon. Yesterday I received my Rainhill seedings, just as Faye’s Rainhill journey ended mine properly begins. You do seedings (which is different workouts and movements) to submit to Rainhill to make sure you compete in the right category. I thought I would maybe be a bit more nervous or something but it’s the same seeding as Faye had and I already did a couple of them with her so I feel okay actually. At the moment anyway! I might not say that later on! This evening after work we’re meeting up at the gym to go through a couple of them. The deadline to send them in is 31st December but as I’m going away to Sweden before Christmas I’m getting them done before then.

Have a lovely day and speak soon xxx


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