Faye’s Rainhill Weekend Part 2

Warming up for WOD 2 & 3 in the athletes area

WOD 2! Lifting time

Then a 3 minute rest before WOD 3 started. Faye absolutely smashed it!

Spectating in the background!

Just before the last WOD, WOD 4

Athletes getting ready for WOD 4

The cheer squad

Documenting everything!

The final WOD before the finalists got decided

Faye fighting through her toes to bar

The G5 crew!

So happy she’s done! 

Safe to say we really did set up camp for the day. So much stuff!

A celebratory prosecco at the hotel before heading out for dinner.

Hi my dears! My seeding training went alright last night. It felt really weird that the roles have now changed and Faye’s now “my bitch” as she so nicely worded it last night. Didn’t realise I’d been her’s all this time! We decided to do the thruster burpee ladder. You have a 6 minute time cap complete as many rounds as possible of burpees and thrusters, you start at three of each and they increase by three each round. It’s one of the most disgusting workouts I’ve ever done. We did it for Faye’s seeding too. We decided to do it with 25kg instead of 20 as it requires in the seeding guidelines because when I have to do the 20kg bar it feel so much easier! I ended up on my fifteenth round, completed the 15 thrusters and got 4 burpees. Three more than the last time we did it at 25kg. I’m really glad I did better and not worse!

Back to the Rainhill weekend. A bit later on Sara, her boyfriend and Clare joined the G5 cheer squad. They drove down for the day to cheer Faye on. So nice of them! It was time for WOD 2 and 3. WOD 2 was a barbell complex (you need to do a certain amount of lifts with the bar without it touching the ground), where you had to find your one rep max for it. Then you got 3 minutes to rest before it was all go for 3 minutes with box jump overs, deadlifts and rowing as quickly as possible. Faye did brilliantly!

Once she was done with that heat there was a lunch break with another briefing before the final WOD before we knew who had qualified for the final. The cut off was 15 and Faye was positioned at 16. The final WOD was seven minutes and was really intense starting with 1000m row then doing as many rounds as possible of toes to bar (or ab mat sit ups) and thrusters. It looked really juicy! I screamed all I could to cheer Faye on during this one. At one point she looked at me and I said it’s okay! Just keep going. It must’ve been incredibly tough when you’ve been competing all day to find that final inner strength. In the end she finished 24th in total out of over 50 athletes, which is absolutely amazing. She should be so proud  with such a great finish. In the end no final for Faye but she didn’t seem to mind at all as she had a prosecco bottle in the bag she wanted to open and did so as soon as she found out she was done.

We stayed for some of the final to see how everyone got on. There were some very beautiful moments that happened. In the female Wood final there was one athlete left in the end finishing her reps and when she started running her final lap the other athletes who had already finished ran the lap with her. It was so beautiful and showed exactly what Crossfit is all about. Yes it’s competitive but everyone is in it together. I had a little tear in my eye when I saw that. The same in one of the men’s heats where a dad had his two little girls running next to him on one of his laps. It was so cute my heart melted.

I really loved the entire vibe of Rainhill. I was expecting something a bit more intense and whilst it still was a serious competition, it didn’t seem as scary as how I had first imagined it in my head. I loved the vendors that were there (and I did make some investments for my own Rainhill training which I’ll share very soon). We got chatting with loads of people who were there and everyone was just there in the end to their best and have a good time. That’s all what matters at the end of the day. It’s you against yourself and enjoy it! I really need to keep that in mind when I’m competing. The reason why I’m doing Rainhill is to have a goal to work towards with my training but also to see how well I can do if I put in that extra bit of effort.

Other than that there were great vendors there selling all possible kit you would need as gym goer or Crossfitter with brands there as lululemon, Bulldog Gear, Kitbox, Bear Strength and Evolve to name a few! Even if you’re not competing, Rainhill is a really fun weekend away if you’re into Crossfit and sports. As a spectator you get to see loads of incredible people doing there very best and you can’t help but be inspired by their bravery, strength and determination. I really think it would push anyone to want to train a bit harder as you see people of all abilities competing. I love that everyone gets a fair chance to enter Rainhill and it’s a space that welcomes anyone to take part. I can’t wait to be back! Although I’ll be really nervous next time around! I felt nervous when Faye was competing, no idea what I’m going to be like when I’m the one out on the floor…

We then gathered all our bits (it was a lot of bits and it kept growing throughout the day as we bought more stuff…) and headed back to the hotel where the girls celebrated with some drinks before we got ready and headed out for dinner. We ended up at an Indian restaurant. Not the best curry I’ve had but it was alright. As soon as we finished food we headed back to the hotel and crashed in bed. What a long but amazing day we had just experienced. One I’ll always remember!

M xxx

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