Tried out the hotel gym in the morning before breakfast and checking out.

Beautiful Manchester

Slightly anti-climatic when lululemon was closed!

So close

Good morning lovelies! I finally had a good night’s sleep for the first time this week, which felt amazing. No gym until the evening tonight so I’m sitting here in front of my laptop having a nice chilled morning before walking to the office. Tonight I’m going through more seeding workouts. Jamie’s home in the evening too so I’ve got dinner with him to look forward to as well. He’s actually had quite a few evenings off this week and it’s been really nice.

On Sunday morning, the day after Rainhill Faye and I woke up just after seven and wanted to get to the gym. Only thing was it didn’t open until eight but we still got ready and were downstairs at quarter to. Very keen gym people. As soon as the clock struck eight we signed in and were through the barriers. I’ve got to say, as far as hotel gyms go, Village Hotel takes their gyms to a whole new level with a very extensive fitness suite as well as a pool and having fitness classes on. I’ve never seen a gym in a hotel that beats them yet. I was impressed with Faye for coming with me to gym the next day after her competing. She took it easy and joined in at times and cheered me on.

We saw they”re renovating the gym so when we are back in February (yes it’s already booked for when I’m competing) it will have had a facelift. I’m excited to see what it’s like! I might even bring my bikini so I can go for a swim. Forgot to do that this time around! I’m usually not a fan of indoor swimming pools at all but their pool looked quite nice. We’ll see if I actually do it.

I had a very funny moment when I was back squatting. I wanted to warm up with 40kg and so I did but it felt ridiculously heavy. I got so confused and thought wow I must be tired! I said to Faye it felt really heavy and she said it might be because I’ve got 60kg on the bar. I have no idea what I was thinking there but no wonder it felt heavy! Only 20kg off… Just as we were finishing up Carole and Sharon came popped in to see us and go to breakfast.

We checked out and headed into town on the tram from Ashton West. Super handy! I was really excited to see Manchester. I really thought it was stunning with all the old brick buildings everywhere. The entire city was filled with Christmas markets and stalls and Christmas music was playing. It was really lovely! Manchester has also got some great shopping. Way better than what’s on offer here in Glasgow. We of course ended up looking at gym gear at adidas. When we walked past we couldn’t not go in. Then we went to the lululemon showroom, unfortunately it was closed. Sunday is a very odd day to be closed on!

After a lot of browsing in the shops we headed for a delicious brunch, which I’ll be writing about in a separate post. Once we had stuffed our bellies it was time to head back to Ashton to pick up the car before we started our journey to Glasgow. I definitely left Manchester wanting to see more. There’s only so much you can squeeze in in a couple of hours but I still felt like we managed to do a lot. Next time I really want to check out the restaurant scene! I’ve heard there is meant to be some great food.

It’s funny to think I’ve never been to this city before and I’ve already planned to go back! Jamie and I are thinking of taking the train down during the day on the Friday and have the afternoon in Manchester and then return on the Monday just so we get to explore a bit more.

Now, time for work! Second last day of the working week here we go! I’m meeting up with Ross (The Motivational Dude) for lunch which should be fun.

Speak soon lovelies,


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