Surprise flowers

Happy Sunday my lovelies! I’m feeling a lot better today. My sister Ellie was over for dinner last night and we had a really nice long talk about life. Sometimes some family time is just what you need. We said we need to each other more often so hopefully I’ll be seeing her next weekend.

What a beautiful cold wintery morning we are experiencing this morning. The sky is all kinds of incredible colours. I’ve just had breakfast and am getting ready to go to open gym for 9.30. Need to get some training in today 🙂 I think I’m going to do some strength stuff. I haven’t done a proper lifting session in a while so I’m excited. Next week I need to start working on my seedings properly so I’ve got some scores to submit! After the gym Jamie’s not starting work until six this evening so we’re having a nice day out I think. I’m not sure exactly what we’ll be doing but we’ll figure it out once I’m back and he has woken up.

I’ve completely forgotten to show my beautiful flowers. Earlier this week I was surprised after work by a certain Faye. She stood outside as I was leaving the office and gave these as a thank you for Rainhill and everything. It was so unexpected! Aren’t these unexpected gestures just the best? It really made my day. So now my kitchen is wonderfully colourful with this stunning bouquet of roses on the table. I love having fresh flowers in my home and wish I could have it more often! It really livens it up. Thank you again Faye! You really didn’t have to get me anything.

Now time for the gym! I’m all layered up because it looks freezing out there. I really need to get a warmer winter jacket… Not sure how I’ll cope with Swedish winter otherwise if I find this cold!

Speak soon my dears,

M xxx

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