Just what I needed

This exercise is a great one to do to build up to a pull up

Hi lovelies! That massage yesterday hit the spot. Jan was absolutely lovely and it felt like he fixed my sore body. My calf still feels a bit off and my shoulders I already knew were an absolute mess but I felt so much looser than when I first arrived. He had great chat and my session flew by so quickly. You (at least I) forget how amazing you feel afterwards. It’s nice to give yourself that hour of attention and care. I couldn’t recommend Jan more so if you’re in Glasgow you need to check him out here. I’m already looking forward my next session. I felt so chilled afterwards.

I then saw Faye in the Mitchell Library café for a catch up. I had never been in that bit of Mitchell before and it gave me flashbacks to my uni days and study sessions being in the library café.

After waving bye to Faye I spent the rest of the evening taking it easy and getting organised for today. Preparation is key in a busy life! It might not sound super exciting but it’s the way to go to have time to go to the gym, eat healthy, see friends and Jamie. It’s a constant puzzle every day but I wouldn’t have it any other way. Organising and planning ensures I’ve got time or all those things.

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