G5 mornings

Smelling the fart face… I look crazy!

Hi lovelies! What a killer session this was yesterday morning. I didn’t feel a hundred percent during the workout, a bit lightheaded but I tried my best despite the circumstances and sometimes just showing up and trying is all you can do. That’s your win for the day. Not all days are going to be the best in life and the same goes for training. You have your ups and your downs.

I have some news to share with you guys. I actually worked my last day at voomfit yesterday. I felt that it was no longer a place for me and what I want to do. I am truly appreciative of my time in the company and I’ve learnt loads. So I’m back on the job market. It’s not been an easy decision to put myself out there into the unknown again. I have an idea of what I would love to do next but I need to figure out how to best do it. It’s absolutely terrifying but I think it’s time. I know this is vague but I just can’t share it right now.

So today I have a free day. I’m going to take a couple of days to gather my thoughts. I have already been browsing for jobs and have a couple I will be applying for. I’m hopeful for the future and me leaving isn’t me giving up or being lazy but realising that I was walking down the wrong path for me. It’s scary making a decision like the one I did but I hope everyone around me doesn’t see it as me being lazy and avoiding work but instead as something that was necessary for me and my future. The people who know me know this is the case. I love working! I’m so happy I have the blog in the mean time to put time and effort into. I’m hoping to create some really good content now when I’ve got a bit of extra time.

This morning I’m going to the gym, it’s my place to think and recover. After that Jamie is actually off today so we’re having our first full day off together in weeks. There’s always a silver lining! So we’re going to make the absolute most of it now when we can.

Time to get ready for the gym!

Speak soon my dears,

M xxx

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