Kelpie sunset

My man looking fierce… Or just angry

At the Kelpies

Act casual and not touristy Maddie! Me: Okay

Let’s try again! Didn’t work either (too excited)

Absolutely stunning

Look at this sunset

No idea what he’s doing here

So happy ❤

We managed to see them with their lights switched on too

Walk along the canal back to the train station

Hello my dears! I completely forgot to wish you a Happy December yesterday! And first day of Christmas month! You could see Christmas is well and truly here when I was walking along Great Western Road and Roots & Fruits had all their Christmas trees out. It smelled amazing when I walked past.

Jamie and I are away over the Christmas days but I think we will still get a little tree. It’s just not going to feel like Christmas without having even a small one. I would love to get one soon so we can make the most of Christmas when it’s almost here. I can’t wait to watch Christmas films, have you watched any yet? We started watching The Holiday last night but got so tired we will have to finish watching it this evening. It’s one of my absolute favourites!

The Kelpies (the horse heads in the pictures above) are a must-see when in Scotland. Despite living here for as long as I have, Jamie and I haven’t had a chance to go to see them yet. They’re in Falkirk which is only about a 20 minute train ride away so there’s really no excuses to why we haven’t seen them… We thought it was time when the weather was stunning and we didn’t really have much else planned. We ended up leaving a lot later than we’d planned and I was a bit paranoid that it would be pitch black by the time we got there! They do light up beautifully in the dark but I thought it would be a shame to not see them in daylight as well.

We were pretty much the only people there and I think we got there at just the perfect time. The sun was slowly setting in the background and the statues looked amazing in the warm orange light. The Kelpies are located in a beautiful location, surrounded by canals. We spent some time walking around and getting some pictures. It was so cold that we had to go inside to the café to get a tea to warm up. Whilst we sat there overlooking the enormous horse heads the sun disappeared and they lit up. We were so happy to have caught them both in daylight and after dark. We then walked along the canal back to the train station. Along the canal there was still a tiny bit of sun left and it reflected like gold in the water. One of the most beautiful things I’ve ever seen.

I think the Kelpies would be a great day trip when it’s a bit warmer, you can rent bikes and cycle along the canals and there’s plenty of space to have picnic if the weather allows. So happy I can tick the Kelpies of my list finally! Have you guys been? What did you think?

Unfortunately the trip back was a bit stressful as the train just never showed at the station and Scotrail didn’t even acknowledge it. We had an event we had to be at and had to power walk to the other station Falkirk High and luckily caught an express train back to Glasgow. Not good Scotrail! Especially when we had to wait in the cold for ages before we realised the train wasn’t coming. Oh well, we got to Glasgow eventually but it’s a shame when you can’t rely on public transport to even inform you of what’s going on! We made it on time in the end which was all that matters.

Have a lovely Saturday my dears! I’m just on my way to the gym for Metabolic Mayhem. I’ll then be spending the rest of the day with my sister and Kajsa at a Christmas market in town. So excited.

M xxx

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