Hi lovelies! On Thursday night my friend Ross (The Motivational Dude) was hosting a launch event for his crowdfunding campaign. What I truly admire about Ross is how he throws himself out there and never let’s anything scare him from reaching his goals. Something I need more of in my life, fearlessness. I remember when he first mentioned this crowdfunding venture and how it was only a thought at the time but now it’s become reality.

You’re probably wondering by now what he’s trying to raise money for. Ross wants to start an online subscription platform making his services affordable to more people and making it possible for hopefully anyone to reach their full potential so they can live happier, healthier and more fulfilling lives. With the money raised he is also starting up a podcast where he’ll be guested by some incredible people (he’s named a few and it’s gotten me really excited). For more information about the campaign and to fund these exciting projects check it out here (click!).

I was so happy Jamie had the chance to come along to Ross’s event too. These type of events with meditation, motivation and such is not something he’s ever been to before. It made me so happy he could come along and see what the events are like that I go to. A bit different to his bartending events! It’s so nice when you can share your world with your other half. Open up each other’s eyes to something new. People often say that we’re complete opposites when it comes to our careers and lifestyles but I think that’s what makes it interesting! The way he tries to get to grips with all my Crossfit words and what we get up to at the gym, I try to understand about alcohol and his bartending lingo.

We had a great time all evening, we were about 30 people who were there, celebrating this amazing campaign. What a great turnout for Ross. Check out the live video form the event over on his Facebook (click).

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