Team Cavanagh lifting session

Hello my dears! yesterday I spent three hours of my morning with this lovely crew. Ray who’s the man behind Team Cavanagh Weightlifting has a little space north of Glasgow. MJ a girl at G5 goes there loads and very recently competed in weightlifting. She so kindly set up this session and another one in a couple of weeks with Ray for us who are doing Rainhill to work on our technique and for anyone else from the gym wanting to brush up on their snatches, cleans and jerks. As much as we do these movements at the gym it’s difficult to find the time to properly practice and get the technique right. Therefore, it was great going to get specialist coaching from Ray.

You would think three hours would feel long but it went by so quickly! We stripped it right back down to the basics on all three movements and Ray had a proper look at all of us and analysed where we were currently. There was a lot of slow movements with the bar to get the precise moves in. It’s crazy how much it tires you out! Weightlifting is a very precision driven sport and after yesterday’s class I realised there were loads of little things I had been doing without even realising which prevented my progression. One thing I didn’t know before was how much wider I should be standing with my feet in my cleans and snatches. Something which is easily missed when you’re in the middle of a WOD. The starting position before cleaning or snatching was nice to freshen up on too. Ray also got us to do a split jerk and adjusted us exactly to how we should be landing.

Everyone at Team Cavanagh were so lovely and helped us out. It was incredible to see some of the weights they were smashing out, what looked, effortlessly. One thing I’ve always struggled with in terms of the movements is “explosivity” and speed under the bar. It’s something Stella has pointed out and something Ray pointed out again yesterday. I did get a few pointers and adjustments I need to remember to make this happen.

Going to specialists like this helps so much if you’re struggling in any way when it comes to fitness. Whether it’s a lifting coach, gymnastics coach etc. It could really be worth the investment. I feel a lot better after that session and can’t wait for the next one in two weeks. I was thinking I’ll probably try and go once or twice more after Christmas and New Year before Rainhill to get further help. We’ll see if I manage to get that in somewhere. Ideally I’d love to do more work like this because I find it really fun to learn and to improve. That’s the constant problem, there’s so much I’d love to develop, learn and practice but not enough time or money to do it all! No wonder it’s all Crossfit athletes do is train and practice. It’s definitely a full time job.

If you’re wanting to brush up on your weightlifting you can check out Team Cavanagh’s Facebook page for more info here.  Ray is an absolutely amazing coach!

I’ve just gotten back from a workout at G5. A great 30 minute individual workout AMRAP (as many rounds as possible). At one point I fell on the edge of the 30 inch box on my shin. You can imagine how painful that was! I’ve done it before and at first when you fall it doesn’t hurt that much but then the pain strikes you and it starts throbbing. Ouch. Then at the end of the WOD I saw I’d ripped my hand again doing toes to bar. A painful start to the week but it happens and is part of the process. You just need to pick yourself up and keep on going. Is it bad that I was more worried about my leggings than my leg when I fell? Leggings can’t heal but legs can… Yeah that is bad.

The rest of the day I’m going to look for jobs and clean the flat. Tonight Jamie and I have some free tickets to the Hydro to see none other than Liam Gallagher. We’re really looking forward to it. Before we go I need to freshen up on some of his music! Not the biggest listener of him but what I’ve heard I’ve really enjoyed.

Have a beautiful day my lovelies!

M xxx

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