New in my gym bag

Speed rope and JAW grips

Mmm lovely rip in my hand but that’s life, instead look at how pretty my rope handles are!

When I was down at Rainhill I bought a couple of new bits for my training. There are some great vendors and stalls to browse about when you’re there.

Something I’ve been wanting to get for ages is my own speed rope. SGF Speed Rope stall was pretty much in front of your face when you entered the arena and they were on the top of my list for vendors to visit during our Rainhill day. Why you may ask? What’s so special about them? I’m currently and have been for a while, been trying to learn how to do double unders. Double unders are when you skip but do a double skip with the rope in between each jump. It’s so difficult and extremely difficult. A huge advantage is if your rope is the right length for your height. Therefore I’ve been wanting to get my own one for ages instead of borrowing others ropes in the gym.

It’s quite cool because on their website and at the stall you just tell them your height and they create a rope just for you. You also get to choose your handles, there are so many colours and materials to choose from! I went for this red/pink colour, a little bit more expensive than their more basic handles but thought why not make it a bit fun? Then you also get to choose the colour of the bag you keep your rope in. It just makes it all a bit more special. So far since I’ve gotten my rope I’ve managed to do six jumps unbroken. It’s so difficult to get into the right rhythm to make sure you can flick the rope twice round during each skip.

Another company which had a stall there was Kitbox. They sell clothes, shoes, equipment and much more for functional fitness training. They are some of the few companies who sell JAW grips in the UK. JAW grips are small hand protectors for when you are doing movements on the bar. As you guys know, I’ve been struggling with my hands ripping a lot and JAW grips saves your hands a bit from that happening. Faye’s been using them and they’ve helped her loads. I wasn’t going get any but when they were quite a lot cheaper than online I figure I would get some as I will probably need then for Rainhill, their bars are rough and a few people from our gym have ripped their hands when they’ve been down competing. So far my JAW grips have been good, but as you see from the image above, they don’t cover your entire hand and I of course managed to somehow rip my left hand anyway haha. It’s much better than it was but they don’t cover you’re hands entirely, which means there’s still the risk of rips. However, if it was a full glove you wouldn’t get any grip on the bar, which means this is the best option! Unfortunately they only had green ones to choose from but they’ll do!

It’s Sunday and I’m just about to get ready to walk down to open gym. Little sis ended up sleeping over again and she’s fast asleep so I’ll see her once I get back from the gym. Jamie has been working very late these past couple of days and is also fast asleep. Christmas is his trade’s most hectic time of the year as you imagine.

Speak soon,

M xxx

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