Frosty day

Don’t mind my beard sticking out my scarf…

Hi lovelies! Jamie and I had to make the most of the beautiful sunny winter’s day we had yesterday. We wrapped up warm and went out for lunch at Papercup and then went for a walk in the Botanics. It looked like a scene out of a fairy tale or Harry Potter. I don’t know why Harry Potter comes to mind but they have lots of stunning wintery scenes in their films and it really made me think of them.

It was freezing walking about but so peaceful and quiet. I know it’s easy to get stuck indoors when it’s so cold outside but it was lovely getting some cold crisp air into my lungs. Even though I was frozen after walking around.

Our entire goal with our afternoon was to buy Christmas tree but it was very unsuccessful. Roots & Fruits where we got our little tree from last year had sold out entirely of their little trees and aren’t going to get any new ones in. We were so disappointed. All I wanted to do in the evening was to decorate our tree and play Christmas music. Luckily we’d bought a Poinsettia flower to get a little bit of a Christmas vibe in our home but it’s not quite the same as having a tree, let’s be honest. I don’t know where we’ll be looking for one next but we’ll figure something out.

In the evening Ellie came by and the three of us watched the Grinch and eat vegan jackfruit Mexican wraps. One of Jamie’s and my favourite dishes to make at the moment. It’s so good.

Before Ellie came I had a bit of a meltdown about life and what I should do with it. I’m feeling quite stressed at the moment in regards to what I actually want to do with my life. Being without a job is stressful. Before I got to Sweden for Christmas I don’t really see any point in applying for jobs (I am still looking at job sites every day) as it’s the festive period and an incredibly busy time of the year. With me leaving I don’t think anyone will really be hiring someone who’s only here until next week before they’re away on holiday. I also am feeling very stressed about what jobs I want to apply for and what I want to work with. I have some ideas but it’s scary! Scary to not know what to do. Sometimes you just need a good cry to get your emotions out and then you can pick yourself up again and move forward. I’m so lucky to have such an amazing boyfriend and sister who are there to support me and cheer me up.

Ellie stayed over at ours and this morning she’s coming with me to Fly to do a workout with me. I’m really looking forward to taking her there. Then tonight, Jamie and I are going to Mamma Mia!! I can’t wait for it. I can’t remember the last time I went to see a live musical and Jamie has never seen a musical live. I’m really looking forward to him experiencing it for the first time tonight, musicals are amazing.

Time to get ready and head out into the cold. Apparently it was about -9 last night! Safe to say I’ll be layering up this morning before I leave.

M xxx

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