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Excited to try out the spicy versionAgain, no rubbish

*This post is in collaboration with Jan de Vries (*

Hi lovelies! I’ve been wanting to write about Herbamare herb salt for ages because it’s something I’ve grown up with and it can save any meal from disaster pretty much!

Funnily enough the guys at Jan de Vries ( got in touch with me a while ago and asked if I’d like to work with them and as soon as I saw they were selling A. Vogel’s herb salt I knew this would be a perfect match! I would only ever want to share things on here with you if I’d actually use it and in this household we use the herb salt in every meal. It’s almost like putting a bit of stock on your meal to enhance the flavours. The chilli version I’d never actually tried before but I have seen it in shops, so both Jamie and I were eager to try it. I’ve had to slap Jamie’s hands off trying the chilli salt before me! I don’t know how much he’s been nagging me about opening it so yesterday when it was time his eyes lit up like a child at Christmas.

We didn’t have any leftovers in the fridge yesterday so it was a throw-together-whatever-you-have-lying-around kind of meal. This is especially when herb salt comes in handy! We sprinkled the mushrooms with the chilli herb salt together with garlic in a pan (so good!). Then once all the components are on the plate together a final sprinkle of Herbamare original makes everything pop. When I worked at lululemon, Kate would often ask if she could borrow some of my “special salt” for her food, meaning my Herbamare Original. It saves any meal from being bland, no matter how simple it is.

Thank you so much for sending these over guys! They’ll most definitely come in handy in our cooking. If you would like to get these salts you can find the Herbamare Original here and the chilli version here over on

Now I need to get back to baking! Jamie and I are making “lussekatter” today, Swedish saffron buns. They’ve got to be one of my favourite sweet treats in the world. No healthy version here, just the good old traditional recipe. It’s Christmas after all šŸ™‚

Later on today I’m seeing Kajsa for dinner, I’m not entirely sure if we’ll go out for a bite or whether she’s coming to mine. Either way, it’ll be so nice to see her.

Have a lovely Friday my lovelies,

M xxx


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