Seeding completed

Hi lovelies! Sorry for the silence on the blog yesterday. I couldn’t get a chance to finish the post I was writing! No matter what I do, it’s always manic the day before I travel.

One thing I had to do yesterday was finish my seedings for Rainhill. There was only one thing left to be done, as many toes to bar as possible in a minute. I decided against doing the thruster burpee over bar ladder again since I’m feeling a bit ill. After normal class I asked Faye to time me and I managed five before I died. It would’ve been nice with more but I was so happy because I haven’t been able to do any for I don’t even know how long so five way more then I ever could do before!

It’s crazy to think that my seedings are done, I just need to submit my scores and once I’m back from Sweden my proper Rainhill training begins! The seedings have been interesting and I’m excited to see how I did in comparison to everyone else. Not that it matters really but it’s still interesting. It’s a relief either way to have it done before going to Sweden for Christmas and New Year.

Other than that I ran around town yesterday afternoon sorting some final errands and then Jamie and I went for our annual Christmas meal out. This year we were at The Gannet for their festive menu and it was lovely. I’m glad we had an early meal so I had time to pack everything last night.

It also meant I could be super productive this morning as well! I managed to go to G5 for a final sweaty session with everyone for this year. I absolutely love them all and will miss them when I’m away.

Now I’m on the bus on the way to the airport. I’ve said by to Jamie, although it won’t be long until I see him in Sweden together with his mum and brother for Christmas!!

Right I need to look in the road now so I don’t get car sick!

Speak to you when I’m in Sweden,

M xxx

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