Christmas at the Movies

Hi! God chaos all morning here in the Kristensen household trying to get prepared for Christmas on Sunday. I’ve been baking bread, gingerbread and helping out with bit and pieces. It looks like things are finally coming together. I’m considering going for a little session at a nearby gym to get some exercise in. We’ll see if our schedule allows it. We can’t stay in the flat because the cleaner is coming to give it a tidy before the festivities so we all need to leave very soon. There’s still so much to do, we don’t even have a tree yet so that’s on the to-do list this afternoon as well as going grocery shopping. We’ll get there.

After our class at Team Cavanagh last Sunday I got a lift home to get ready for the rest of the day. I was meeting Carole and Faye again at lunch time, this time at Bobbi Brown to have our make up done. The girls there are amazing! Carole and I only had our eyes done whilst Faye did her full face. I love a bit of pampering like that. I’m not interested enough in make up to do anything fancy so it’s always nice when one of the girls glams you up.

Then it was time for Christmas at the Movies with the Scottish Symphony Orchestra. They play a mix of pieces from famous films and Christmas songs. Faye and her family have been going for years and said I should come along. Jamie was asked to come too but as always, he’s too busy! This time of year is very hectic in hospitality.

Some of the songs we go to hear were the Harry Potter theme tune, James Bond, Frozen, Beauty & the Beast and to my great delight, LA LA LAND. Oh my god, it was beautiful hearing the music from La La Land being played by a full orchestra. It was absolutely magical and I wished Jamie could’ve been there because, as you guys know, it’s our obsession. It was all recorded to be played on Christmas Day on BBC Radio Scotland so hopefully I’ll be able to play some of it for Jamie but it’s just not the same as watching them play it live.

Watching how each group of instruments play their own melody and how it all comes together in this incredible sound is beautiful. It really makes you appreciate the amount of work it takes to not only to play these pieces but to compose them. It’s an art. We were sitting on the choir benches behind the orchestra and saw everything, it was amazing. The percussions in the back had all kinds of unusual instruments they were picking up to join in the music and it was these little sounds in the background which made it all come together. Incredible. I was so happy I was able to join Faye’s family on their Christmas tradition, they are always so nice to me and let me join in.

It’s almost time for us to leave the flat so I need round off here! Have a lovely day and if you’re working, hope you have a lovely last day before the Christmas fun properly begins.

Love, M xxx

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