Christmas is over

Some of the Christmas food

I made a nut roast and even found veggie meatballs in the shops!

Jamie feel asleep in front of the TV hehe

On our way to the cousin’s for “fika”

Spending time with mormor

Christmas Day breakfast

Christmas take two on Christmas Day

Hi my lovelies! It’s been non-stop with Jamie and his family being here! Jamie left early yesterday morning after some incredible days of Christmas together. I’ve been so happy to share Swedish Christmas with all of them as well as Jamie’s mum and brother meeting my relatives. We’ve eaten soooo much food and cakes. As nice as it is nice my stomach did not enjoy at all haha. I didn’t overindulge but had what I felt like having, my stomach is just not used to eating lots of sugar and fatty food. Yesterday I had the worst stomach cramp in the gym because of it. It was horrible! So I was very happy to start getting back into a routine now after Christmas, back to loads of veg and greens. Just the way I like it.

On Christmas Eve we had my dad’s side of the family over for lunch and in the afternoon we headed over to my aunt’s and uncle’s to see my mum’s side of the family for “fika” or coffee and cake in English. On Christmas Day we rented a big car and drove up to my stepmum Anki’s brother and family to celebrate with them. Unfortunately her other brother and family were ill with a stomach bug so they couldn’t make it. I played Cards of Humanity for the first time in my life. It’s brutal! Fun game but perhaps not for everyone haha.

It really felt like Christmas went by at the blink of an eye. I got some absolutely lovely and far too generous gifts and had an amazing time with the people I love.

Today is Lea’s and Luke’s last day in Sweden. I’m meeting up with them soon to take them to the train to the airport. Life will then slow down a little bit but I still have quite a few friends I want to see before I leave and I am going to try and go to a Crossfit gym whilst I’m here as well. We’ll see what I’ve got time for.

I’m leaving on Monday and I’m feeling a bit overwhelmed with all the things I should be doing before I leave. It’s always like this when I come to Sweden, excitement and happiness mixed with a bit of stress and guilt. Stress and guilt because I don’t ever feel there’s enough time for everyone I want to see. I would love to have more time to spend with everyone but I suppose the limited time makes it all a bit more special when we do see each other and you just have to make the most of it while you can. I say that as if it’s easy to think that way when it really isn’t.

Have a lovely day, M xxx

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