Holiday sweat

Sats Spårvagnshallarna

Matchy matchy!

Hello my dears! My visit in Sweden is slowly coming to a close. I’ve got a couple of days left but the clock is ticking and I know it will be Monday before I know it. I am sad to leave, it would be nice to stay for longer but at the same time I need to get back to my reality. It’s just like any holiday when it’s coming to end, you don’t really want to leave. I’ve loved spending time with my family and friends. I miss them so much when I’m in Glasgow.

During my time here in Sweden I’ve been going to Sats Spårvagnshallarna and Sats Odenplan to train. They have gyms all over Sweden and is slightly more upmarket I would say than the standard budget gyms. It is quite expensive to pay one off passes to get access to their facilities but for me it is a must when I’m away to still train so I was willing to pay to use a gym. When I got there the first time the girl in the reception said they currently have a campaign on where you can train for free for a week and she helped me set it up then and there, how great is that? I was incredibly grateful.

For being a gym chain I like Sats Spårvagnshallarna. I’ve been there may times before and they’ve got an entire functional fitness section with a rowing machine, weights, a prowler, boxes for box jumps, a rig and they even have an assault bike now. I think it might’ve needed a bit of tightening in some areas because it felt a bit wobbly when I was on it. They don’t have a lot of each piece of equipment so I can imagine it getting busy during peak hours but when I’ve been going I’ve been able to use everything without any wait.

Sats Odenplan I’ve gone to because they’ve been open over Christmas so I could get in there on Christmas Day and Boxing Day. I was so happy somewhere nearby was open so I could go in and get a workout done before continuing with the festivities. I don’t feel like myself when I don’t have some movement in during my days. I need to get a sweat on! I wasn’t expecting anything amazing to happen during my sessions because I wasn’t eating like I usually do so a lot of sessions I felt weak. Another reminder that what you put in your body affects you more than you know. Sats Odenplan is nowhere near as nice as Spårvagnshallarna but it does the job. I saw a notice saying they’re redoing their facilities in January so I’m excited to see what it’s like next time I’m in Sweden. A new addition to their equipment was the Ski Erg which I’ve been on a couple of times. I really enjoy the Ski Erg. I love the full body movement.

I’ve felt such a difference when lifting and I haven’t felt as energetic this past week. It’s completely fine and I did what I could but I definitely couldn’t eat like I have over Christmas all the time and expect to perform well in the gym. As I mentioned before, I didn’t stuff myself but eating extra cake and extra indulgence and quite a bit of fish and dairy which my body isn’t used to, does impact it. You all know I eat mainly a plant-based diet and only cook plant-based at home but during this Christmas I wanted to eat what I felt like eating. It was my first Christmas since giving up meat and I wasn’t sure how that was going to go but it went fine and to be honest I didn’t feel like eating any of the meaty options. As I said I still had some fish, but other than that I stuck to my nut roast and veggie meatballs. If I feel like eating some fish when I’m away or out at a restaurant I am going to eat it, not all the time but once in a while because I enjoy it.

Anyway, back to training. With me not eating like I usually do, I couldn’t expect for my body to perform like it usually does. That would be unfair on my body for me to have that expectation and I’d also get very disappointed with my performance. I don’t ever want my training to be a disappointing experience. It’s supposed to be a positive and uplifting and therefore, I changed my expectations and instead of pushing myself to lift heavier or go all out I went just because I love it. I did what I felt like whether it was rowing, going on the Ski Erg or lifting. I’m happy I’m just going and enjoying it and once I’m back in Glasgow I’ll properly get back into it as soon as I can.

I just wanted to remind you that it could be worth you rethinking what your expectations and your goals are when you’re on holiday so you don’t get disappointed that you’re not progressing as you should or you’re not training as much as you think you should. Do you want to just move? Do you want to maintain your current fitness level? What is it you want to do with your fitness whilst you’re away? Setting an intention or goal for your training, fitness and health can really help you avoid feeling pressured or stressed when you’re away. Even if the goal or intention with your holiday is to do nothing, then you know that’s what you can expect. I hope this makes sense.

What I personally dislike more than anything is not going to the gym at all for weeks and then going back to the gym. You loose so much progress and I find it really frustrating so if I can maintain some sort of strength and conditioning when I’m away I’ll do it because I know it makes me happy and also makes it easier getting back into it when I’m home. I can’t imagine not training so I’ll do it in some shape or form. However, everyone is different and if you’re happier not going to the gym when you’re on holiday then you do that!! In the end we need to all be happy with our life choices and if you really don’t feel like going then don’t go.

I need to get ready for another eventful day! I’m meeting my cousin Calle and I think his new girlfriend is joining us as well. Then I might take Sarah to the cinema and tonight I think I might have plans as well but it’s not confirmed.

Speak soon, M xxx


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