New year

Hello lovelies! Happy New Year and happy first post of 2018! I had a lovely evening with my cousins and their friends having dinner and watching the fireworks. I really really do not like fireworks for numerus reasons and yesterday when we almost got hit by one I feel like I’ve had enough of them. Either way we had a lovely evening and I was in my bed around two.

Today it’s time to head back to Glasgow! I feel ready to get back and tackle my thoughts about my future and what I should do with my life. I was feeling a bit anxious the other day about it but I know it will be okay. I’ve been away for almost two weeks so I’m looking forward to heading home and seeing Jamie(!!) and all my friends. I also can’t wait to head back to G5. I’ve missed that place.

I’ve just finished packing, my flights leaves around five. So I’m just making the most with my final hours with my family. I’ll miss them so much. It hurts saying goodbye but hopefully it won’t be long until I see them again.

Now I’m going to put my phone away and make the most of this final hour or two with them.

I’ll speak to you when I’m in Glasgow xxx

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