Pom och Flora // Odengatan 39 // Stockholm // Sweden

Breakfast and brunch, my favourite meals of the day. In comparison to the brunch scene in Glasgow, Stockholm has been slightly behind with their offering. I have to say it’s starting to change and a place that has become a must-visit is Pom och Flora. It seems like everyone who I follow on social media from Stockholm has paid this place a visit by now. Handy enough, it’s only a less than ten minute walk from my parents’ place!

I’ve been in once before during my last visit to Stockholm but it was so busy we decided to leave. This time when I was meeting my aunt Jenny there, we decided to meet around ten on a Saturday. Good thing we did, by the time we left there was a queue out the door. They’ve got a very extensive menu with lots of very delicious sounding options. There were several vegan dishes on the menu which is quite rare for Stockholm, their vegan offering is not quite on par with Glasgow. Jenny went for their acai smoothie bowl and I couldn’t not have their porridge when it said homemade peanut butter with a berry compote, granola and frothed oat milk. Yum!

Both dishes were tasty. I wished mine would’ve had banana on top as well, I probably could’ve asked for it. I just love banana on porridge. It was a very generous serving and I was stuffed afterwards. Jenny’s acai bowl was very fresh but I think it might’ve needed a little bit more sweetness in it perhaps. I loved the fact that despite it was busy no one rushed us out the door. Jenny and I had loads to talk about so we were very happy to sit for a bit longer. I understand we couldn’t have sat there forever on a Saturday but I still think you are paying for a nice chilled experience and so it should be. I enjoyed my visit and would go back to try other options on the menu.

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