A little sneaky look of my new running shoes! Hopefully they’ll make me run super fast!

Hi my dears! I thought I’d upload a little picture of my new running shoes. I got them in the sale as soon as Stella mentioned we are going to start doing more running soon. My old runners are about four years old by now and are falling a part so I thought it was time to get an upgrade. I ended up going for the Nike Free Run Flyknits.

I’ve never had any of the Nike Flyknits before but always thought they looked really nice. They almost feel like wearing a pair of socks in how they fit your foot. They’ve been comfy to walk around in but I’m yet to try running in them. I like the colours of them and to be honest that’s why I kind of got them haha. I know you shouldn’t judge shoes by their looks because at the end of the day they need to perform well but I’ve had Free Runs before and thought they were alright. I don’t do a lot of running so for me they just need to do a better job than my Metcons when the runs are a bit longer.

What are all of you up to this Saturday? Instead of yoga today I mixed it up and went to Metabolic Mayhem at G5. It’s usually a team WOD where you go to different stations throughout and work like a crazy person. Today I was teamed up with Faye, MJ and Ange. What a team! We had a great time and cheered each other on. My arms were feeling a bit sore and tired but once the workout starts you don’t really think about your sore muscles and just focus on the exercise you’re doing.

I’ve just had lunch now and need to get showered (nope still haven’t showered since the workout finished hehe) and then I’m meeting up with my friend Alisha. Haven’t seen her for a while so I’m looking forward to hearing what she’s been up to!

This evening I think Jamie and I are going to the cinema when he finishes work. Now when I write that I realise I should probably book it. We want to see Coco (the new Pixar film). The preview is on today so we’ll see it there are any seats left for us!

Speak soon, M xxx

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